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  1. I am cooking for our Kentucky Derby party this Saturday and need some guidance on portion sizes. We will have 50 couples ranging in age from 30-70 and the party will be between 2-3 hours long. Menu is below. I will have more than enough meat which I plan on sending some home with folks who enjoy it. The sides is where I am getting stumped! How many servings per pound should I figure?

    3 meats - 4 pulled pork shoulders, 2 spiral cut hams and 2 whole briskets

    4 sides - potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and Burgoo stew.


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    Try this. Hope it helps
  3. I have that program and it is wonderful but I am having a hard time figuring out # of portions per lb for the sides. Right now I have plugged in 5 servings per lb for the sides since there are 4 plus 3 meats?


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