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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by dan bon, Jul 29, 2013.

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    hi all, I have a cheap version of the WSM from Canadian Tire (

    I'm looking to make some mods, mainly installing an air vent or 2 in the bottom to control flow. The problem is i can't find any dampers anywhere here in Canada (Montreal). Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Reno...nothing. Even online i can't find anything and i'm not handy enough to make one myself. Does anyone have any clue where I can get a few dampers, preferably somewhere that will ship to Canada?

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    You can make your own vents using ball valve like on a UDS or cut your own out of sheet metal and fasten on with bolt and spring.
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    If you go to amazon and type in weber damper there are at least two listed there. Or make your own, it wouldn't take much work. i think I have even seen a mod on one of the forums here about making your own dampers. 

    I have one of the amazon bought one on the lid of my ECB. you can see it in my avatar. 
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  4. Order a set from Weber - I bought a set of 3 for <$7. The ones I bought have 4 - 3/4"  holes in them.

    You'll have to get a metal hole saw for your drill, mark up the holes and drill them out. Install the new

    dampers and you are done. I did this on an ECB - put 3 dampers on the bottom, one on the lid (so I

    needed to order 2 of the damper kits - there are 3 dampers in each kit!). They work great and you

    can't beat the price. I ordered directly from Weber - send them an email with the part #/description,

    since these parts don't show on the web site (or call them - that may be even easier). Browse the

    web site for other toys, since your shipping will cost as much or more than the dampers! May as well

    make it worth your while... Make sure they understand you need the ones with the round holes and

    not the pie-wedge shaped's a whole lot easier to drill holes than cut accurate triangles! The

    part # should do the trick....that entry is right off my order....

    Part # 63016    Damper kit, 22.5" Bar-B-Kettle & Smokey Moun        $6.20

    Good luck!

  5. geerock

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    Try lots of stuff for builds there.

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