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Discussion in 'Beef' started by derek, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I got an 11lb Brisket the other day and i am planning on having it for my folks and brother and sis who are coming down tomorrow to see the kids and open presents. My problem is (and seems to be on going) i am getting flare ups in my smoker. I am having to check it every lil bit to make sure the wood isn't catchuing fire and spiking the heat and burning my meat. It happened yesterday when I was smoking the Christmas bird. Eventually I said the hell with it and closed the vent at the top (smokey mtn gas smoker). Yes I know thats a no no, but if i left it open there was too much oxygen getting in through the door AND the vent. I posted a thread about trying to help me decide how to combat this and now I am in need of desperate measures. I have to smoke this brisket for 12+ hrs probably. So i really need your help. I have a 2 pronged problem.
    1 How do I stop the flare ups? I know there is too much air coming in through the door (not a good seal). Is there something I can use to keep the door shut (i.e. bungee that won't melt, etc) or should I just close the vent at the top.
    2 I have to work tomorrow for a while (at least till 2pm). Should I start the brisket tonight about 7 and do a night smoke and take it out about 8 or 830 and wrap in foil and place in a cooler till dinner time? Or should I put it in about 5 or 6 and just go to work and know there will not be as much smoke b/c I won't be there to change the chunks? PLEASE HELP
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    Make a foil "gasket" that is compressed when ya close the door. that should help your seal. You need to have that top vent open a bit...
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    What temps are you running the smoker at, I don't have flare up problems at 225° - 250°, I do sometimes at higher temps. Give yourself plenty of time on the brisket, I did a 6lb flat Friday, I put it on a 5am and it finished at 8:30pm. It stalled for 5hrs. Every piece of meat acts different, lucky I was cooking for the next day.
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    crap hawk.......thats a nasty stall..........

    maybe wrap your wood in foil and poke some holes in the foil to allow the smoke to escape........your wood shouldn't catch fire that way........

    not sure of the set up of your smoker.......but i take it, the fat dripping is causing the flare ups.......maybe put a pan of water under the brisket to catch the drippings.......should stop the flareups that way........IF i am understanding the whole problem

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    Derek, it sounds like you are in the middle of a quandary.

    1.) Might be your temperature is too high in the smokers. For a temporary fix for now you might be able to cover the chip pan with foil and poke pencil sized holes in it. That will control the flare ups.

    B.) I think you should start your brisket tonight and smoke it as long as you can.. then wrap it and finish it in your oven over night. That will allow you some time for sleep.

    Your biggest problem is that you have to go to work in the middle of the cook and there is no telling how long that piece will want to stall.

    Remember to cook by temperature of the meat and don't force the meat to cook. Low and Slow is the method.

    There is an alternative to that by using the SmokyOkie method which will cut down the time of the cook and will produce an excellent brisket. You can try these links for help with it

    cascadedad did one here:

    External link to the method:

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