Need help choosing a remote grill level and meat thermometer

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  1. Any suggestions on which brand and model to go with?  There are way too many choices.  Anyway, I'm using a Brinkmann Trailmaster LE and have only used it once so far.  I've added the tuning plates and added a down pipe to the exhaust.  I had a real difficult time keeping the temps above 225 on the stock thermometer.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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  3. I second that ^^  I use a Maverick as well & it works great!  [​IMG]
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    Have you sealed the air leaks ???   Are you using a water pan with water in it ???    We need more information...  and  pictures.... Dave
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    Ditto Dave

    I'll give it a shot based on the info at hand

    Your stock thermo needs to be checked plus, it's in a bad place, it's actually in a position to read higher than the grate level, and the grate level is where you will be placing your food, so it makes sense to move the thermos to near grate level. So if your thermos are reading 225, your grate level may be a bit lower.

    What is a Remote Grill Level?

    If your model looks like the one below, remove your mod from the exhaust.

    You want the thermos an inch or two above the grates.

    Invest in a Maverick ET732 (What Kat said) and some cheap Taylor's

    Add a Thermapen

    Just don't sit it on the firebox.

    If low temps are an issue, start as Dave says, look for leaks in the lid, there's really not too much to worry about in the firebox as far as being tight anyhow. But if there are leaks in the smoke chamber see if its a skewed lid and maybe you can bend it in place, if not you can use a gasket sealer, more on that after you post more info.

    Use a firebox for your fuel or charcoal basket. Run all vents wide open.

    Just make sure you got some airflow under the coals or wood, you may be better off using splits...I'm assuming

    you are using charcoal?

    But to Echo what Dave said, We need more info and pics would be great.
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  6. Besides the Mav or adding Tell Tru(s) -- which are great suggestions -- there are also other alternatives such as the Thermoworks' BlueTherm Duo or iDevices' iGrill. They work like a Mav but over Bluetooth to a mobile device.
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