Need help: Beef Top Round Roast

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  1. We got given one of these by my girlfriends parents and I don't know a lot about it. I've only done pork before and a brisket once. I know I'm going to smoke it around 275* (unless there's a better suggestion) but I'm not sure if I'm looking for a medium rare and slicing or taking it all the way to 195* and pulling it. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I would take it to medium and slice it.  This is the same cut that delis use for their roast beef.
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    Top round is way to lean to take to 195*, it will be like shoe leather and won't pull. I would smoke it at a much lower temp like 200* and take it to an IT of about 130*-135* for a nice med/rare and then give it a good 45 minute rest.
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