Need advise 4 pork tenderloins

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  1. tx_rio

    tx_rio Newbie

    I've grilled with success, but I want to master my smoker.
    It's electric and the 1st chicken was a 50 -50 success.

    Question: Pork tenderloin... do I brine it or no? Use a rub and let it set in refrig or what?

    Cook time: I'm thinking 200-225 for about an hour and a 1/4
    per lb. Whadda ya say?

    What else am I missing...?
    Thanks ya'll
  2. tx_rio

    tx_rio Newbie

    Uhhh...what's the difference? I'm doing the one that's long and about 3" diameter...Thanks for the reply....
    The pork tenderloin...what if I sear the outside and wrap it in foil to hold in the juice and slow back it in the electric oven...
    I'm trying to find a way not to cook it indoors. I can always grill, but I wanted to see if I could do it somehow in the electric smoker.
    Thank again for your help.

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