Nate's Masterbuilt 30" 2 door propane Mod's

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  1. Hi all. I'm sorta of a noob to smoking, All the mods on here inspired me to take a stab at trying it myself. I'm a homebrewer and put much of my equipment together, or reworked/rebuilt items to fit my needs. I like to tinker a bit and love the DIY aspect of hobbies.

    Feel free to provide feedback, criticize or point out other options. I'll try to document my progress as I go. Also, hit me up if there are other brewers on here and what equipment, you have and what processes you use.

    Anyway, here we go:
  2. I'm starting with a 30" Masterbuilt 2-door Propane model. I picked it up on Kohls. With the 40% off coupon, it was the best price I've seen in a long time, so I pulled the trigger.

  3. The first mod was some 2" casters with a single threaded stem. About $2 each from Menards. Used a metal drilling bit to make a 3/8" hole about the center of each leg. Then attached to the smoker. I don't want to carry this thing around.

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    great price and I like the caster idea
  5. Keg...I modded my masterbuilt buy putting it on its own cart.... See my profile pic...planning a beach umbrella attachment for those hotter days when the sun makes smoker too hot.. Also to keep rain and snow off the out side so it doesn't drop temp
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  7. Nice work on the carts, guys.

    I've seen lot of people use the cast iron pan replacement. I wanted to try something a little different. I bought some ceramic briquettes. The fit snuggly in those stupid slots on the stock pan. What I like is the briquettes allow for some space for the ashes to settle between. If this doesn't give good results i'll try the 8" cast iron pan next.

  8. My gasket mod. It didn't see there was much material on the doors to create a good seal, so I chose to put on the smoker itself.

  9. The needle valve install.

    I had an extra couple of needle valves in my home brew parts. bought a couple of fittings from Menards and I am all set.

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  10. nice! I am going to have to run to Home Depot and grab the fittings for hte needle valve.... Also.. Keg... If you have a Harbor Freight near you.. or you can order it on line and use the 20% coupon.. you can pick up 3 cast iron skillets ( 6" , 7.5" and 10") for about $16 or so.... no sense in using a good seasoned skillet for smoking...or spending more than you need to achieve the goal.. I use the 10" one in the smoker and it fits just right...I kept the stock pan in and sit the skillet on top of it.. makes it a little snug.. but I am going to be "borrowing" what  @cmayna did in his thread before he runs out and gets it patented... his idea looks much cleaner ... and cooler too!
  11. Thanks for the feedback LTE. I saw cmaya's post before I started to do my mods. So far I like the ceramic briquettes in the standard pan. With the needle valve, I was able to maintain as low as 200 on Sunday for about 1/2 hour while I smoked a whole pork loin. My local Menards has a square cas iron pan for about $10. Should fit nicely in there as it has no handles. I may try this if I see issues with the ceramic briquettes.
  12. Whats with the water pan Mods on these unit? I don't see much size change in the webber aluminum pans I see some using. Is it just for cleanup??
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    Hey kegtoe,

    Can you elaborate a bit on the ceramic briquettes? Are you saying you actually got wood smoking at around 200 degrees? That would be great! I see some of those babies in my future.

    What kind of wood did you use?

  14. Sorry I didn't see this earlier​. I have been learning lately with my smoker. I turn on high for about 5 minutes. This kind of primes the grill with some heat, I think It gets the briquettes nice and toasty, and gets the wood smoldering. As far as wood, it's all a matter of preference. I find hickory is a little too smokey for chicken and some pork cuts so I tend to us Apple. When I like a little more smoke I use some hickory and a lump or two of natural charcoal. For more smoke flavor I som mesquite will probably work nicely.

    I use chunks as I think chips would get used up to fast. Unless you had a separate little smoke box or tube. I like the chunks, because you can see what the wood is doing. I just throw two or three big chunks on top of the briquettes. I try to have the chunks soaked in water for about 4 hours before I get to smoking.
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  15. Seasoning the grill -

    The next 2 pictures so how far the door thermometer is off. I love my ThermoWorks dual probe meter,

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    Can you elaborate on the two items?

    1) what did you use and where did you get the door seals?

    2) is the needle valve system simply to help regulate the gas to a more precise and lower level in order to achieve lower temps? 

    Today is my first smoke session. So, I'm about as new as a newbie can be. I too have a Master built propane smoker. But, in the XL single door setup. In smoking my first summer sausages, I'm finding it hard to get below 150F for a low and slow startup. So, maybe the needle valve setup would be a good add on for.

    BTW, I did do a mod to my chip pan. I saw where everyone said the wood chips would catch fire due to the slots. So, I simply took my dead blow hammer and flattened out the ribs back down over the slots. Worked great and mine is doing fine so far.

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    Thanks Kegtoe. I need to look into the nomex myself. I also verified the door thermometer prior to use. Mine is fairly close at low temps. Not sure for higher temps though. I do plan on getting another digital one and modifying it for permanent use for chamber temp.

    Merry Christmas!

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    I am a newbie also. Very interesting mods to X I am a newbie also. Very interesting mods to XL.
    Just got mine today for Christmas. Checking in to see how the best way to see his just got mine today for Christmas. Checking in to see how the best way to season it is.
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    Hi everyone. I'm super newbie. Just,got my smoker for Christmas. I have the 2 door propane model. I seasoned it today and am looking forward to smoking something this weekend. I have already ordered seals and volcano rock for the pan. What do you recommend for the thermometer to tell me the temp of the chamber and meats? I'm looking for a wireless accurate one. Any suggestions?

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