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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by lazzar, May 21, 2016.

  1. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    Just started my Stainless steel reverse flow smoker, as you can see it is coming along nicely.

    Sorry for the metric measurements, it is 5mm thick, not sure what this is in imperial.

    Planning on a 4 inch stack and has a  throat size of 36 inch sq.

    Planning on making Fire Box 16 wide x 16 Long x 18 High, i will be making this  18 high to accommodate a burner underneath.

    Forgot to mention it is 20 inch diameter x 34 inches long.

    How do these calcs look

    Link to BBQ Pit Calculator

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  2. Been following this in its other place. Looks very tidy mate!
  3. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    Yeah just putting it out there to make sure i am doing this right.

    I hate doing rework.
  4. That looks great. Wish I had the time and skill to knock something as nice as that up
    Good job mate.
  5. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    The stack.
  6. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    Update, welded in BP today and folded all my angles for my grills.

  7. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Quality work there mate. Stainless steel something you have access to at reasonable cost?
  8. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    That looks really good, will be watching its progress!
  9. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    So far it has cost me $500 in materials , once cooking chamber is done then will get the FB laser cut which will probably cost another $300 to $400.

    I am lucky i have access to all equipment to make my build easier.
  10. That is one fine looking smoker. One thing about Stainless  it will last Forever,   You sure couldn't buy a S/S smoker like that for anywhere around that

    Great job

  11. aussiq

    aussiq Smoke Blower

    Gary in australia you couldnt even buy a steel smoker for that price.. but how good is it. I like the look of the baffle plate in ss. You have done a good job lazza. How many hrs do u rekon you have in your build? I imagine ss would be slower to work with then mild steel. Its really going to stand out and make a great feature to your entertainment area
  12. wolters88

    wolters88 Fire Starter

    How thick is that stainless?
  13. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    I would not want to pay for the hours i have spent making this, as for how long it is many hours, i would guess that i have done around 30 to 40 hours so far.

    Yes stainless is a bit harder to work with when you start welding things move a bit, so you have to be extra careful.
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  14. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    It is 5mm Metric not sure what that is in Imperial. I think it is 13/64
  15. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    Some updated pics.

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  16. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    Update, did a trail fit with FB to CC, very happy will start welding together over the next few days.
  17. Looks really good!!

  18. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    Welded FB to CC today, also made some changes.
    I took out the center legs of the CC and put 4 legs on the Fb.
    Also put in extra strength for the top of FB , should not move around with the heat.
    Stainless steel does not like to much direct heat, should be strong enough.

    Getting closer to the finish, man i can't believe how much time i have put into this Smoker.
    Today i worked out how to put on sliding dampers, happy with the look and operation.
    Ash pan is complete and started to make fire grate, still thinking of how much spacing i need between the bars to allow enough air to flow through, at the moment i have about 3/4 inch between bars.
    Still to fabricate is a folding table and still need to look at how i am going to hold main door on CC open, not keen on putting counter weight on . Just looking at something simple as a stop to keep it open.
    Massive clean up when finished need to passivate inside and outside, i was going to get it glass bead blasted but have decided not to do this. Looking at getting small scotch brite wheels that fit into a electric tool and will be polished in a circular motion, this way if

    it gets marked i can fix it myself.

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  19. lazzar

    lazzar Newbie

    All finished, i did a burn in on the weekend and it worked well. Manage to get up to 320 degrees no problems at all.

    Just a slight problem with top of FB  bowing so could not close door properly, it will be a easy fix, will do the weekend and will do it's first cook just planning on smoking a couple of chickens.

    That what you get when you work with stainless, but overall all the calculations are spot on.

  20. nwbhoss

    nwbhoss Smoking Fanatic

    That is very cool!!!!!! I would have loved to have done just stainless racks for mine but cost and finding anyone who welds the stuff made it a no go. 

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