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    Anyone else besides me have to put their smokers away after usage, especially during winter? This weekend I finally finished installing some metal shelving in the smoking shed to house my smoking supplies instead of having everything strewn about in the shop.

    Mr. Gasser outside of the shed, busy doing some beef jerky today.

    Chips, pellets, smoker generators on the upper shelf with various grates on the 2nd shelf. The two blue bags on the floor contain my two Big Chief smoker. Space on the right is for Mr. Gasser who is on wheels, being easy to roll in and out of the shed.


    So much easier, having things somewhat organized.
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    Nice! I was thinking about doing the same thing, sure would make mama happy.
  3. I have my MES 30 incher, when not in use, stored in my shed,  The racks, Rib Racks and chip tray and water tray and anything else removable hang on the rafters above the Covered smoker. Wood chips are neatly piled on the shelves in the shed.   When smoking, I open the doors and fire up the smoker.  When it is not such cold weather, the smoker moves out to the side, in front of the BBQ as seen in this picture.

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