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  1. A while back I finished my first smoker, and I am running into issues that it takes a long time and fuel to get up to temp. My welding instructor suggested that I lower the fire box. Allowing heat to escape from the top instead of the side.

    The top one is the way my smoker is setup now and the bottom is the way he suggested.

    What do you all think?
  2. cliffcarter

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    There are no dimensions given for your pit. In order to properly evaluate its design we need the overall size of the cook chamber, the size of the fire box, the diameter of the exhaust stack and the size of the opening from the fire box to the cooking chamber.

    One quick observation- you may need to raise the reverse flow plate.
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    c8, morning...  there are formulas and plans that are tried and true when it comes to building a smoker that works....   Your previous smoker design is unique...  there could be some design flaws that could be improved upon....    are you going to modify the first smoker or build a new smoker ???   post dimensions so we can figure out where mods need to be made.....    There are a couple calculators for you to look at and run the numbers.... we are here to help....  


    /Pit Calc/Circle Calc/

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  4. I used Feldon's calculator to get my measurments, that is why there are none on the drawing.
    Dave - that is the one I am referring to.
  5. daveomak

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    Did you use Feldon's on the first smoker ??? 

    here are some smoker design ideas that work.....

    Smoker Design
  6. Hey Dave, I am not building a second smoker, just thinking of modifying my existing one. I did use Feldon's on it and I did follow what he suggested. If I remember correctly the cooking chamber is 16"x21", the fire box is 12"x12", the smoke stack is 10"x 3" and the opening from fire box to cooking chamber is 3".

    What I was trying to see is if any body had done the fire box both ways, and if one worked better than the other.


  7. daveomak

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    If you used Feldon's, the pipe looks too small to move heat from the firebox to the cook chamber....    Also, when you open the smoke gen. to allow smoke in, the draft is interrupted by the addition of air at that end of the smoker....   heat won't be pulled out of the firebox....  

    The firebox to cook chamber opening should be 34 square inches....   Replace the expanded screen with a sheet of 3/16" plate....   Dave
  8. Ok, thanks Dave

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