My Smoke House Build! Specs, Pictures, etc

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by jackal12, May 7, 2013.

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    First I need to note that if my posts do not seem long enough, my cuts for my vents a bit crooked, or it seems like i did pointless steps it is all because this entire build has been a one man show and this man happens to have one hand. I'm right handed and currently there are all kinds of pins wire and cast holding it together. I have done everything left handed with clever use of clamps and a temporary brace here and there.

    My design is based entirely on one I found here. I LOVE it and if I can build this so can you. I have never built a shelf. I had to buy a circular saw, drill, level, etc to build this. I hasve no understanding of fractions and straight lines evade me. That my smoke house is level straight and square is a shock. The cost of supplies was under $100 plus around $80 for the all so popular NT burner and MH line.

    Design I based mine on:

    ALL LUMBER IS UNTREATED. I not only built the roof to shed water but i took a large blue tarp and sewed it like a grill cover to keep rain off when not in use.


    The walls are 1/2 inch (I think i grabbed it off the sale rack. its THICK) 4 x 8 plywood. They actual walls are 4ft high x 2ft wide. I cut 8ft 2x4's down to 6 foot to act as the legs. The walls are mounted flush to the top of the 2x4 putting the smoker 2 ft off the ground. There is a sheet of ply on each side of the legs. Two 2x4 cut to about 17 1/2 inches go across the inside at the top and bottom. Cut to fit inside the walls are three sheets of insulated foam.

    Each seam mating the sides to the back has mending braces. There are four on each side. Then i braced the top and bottom, stood it up, and put a 2 1/2 in decking screw through the back into the sides. There is one every two inches.

    The inside will have 1x2 holding 16x10 cookie racks.

    In one wall is a 4 x 10 HVAC vent.

    The floor is 2x4 cut at 2ft except between the legs where it is cut to fit. The entire floor, inside of burner door, and the walls all the way up to the bottom of the first 1x2 will be covered in concrete backer board.

    I'm not done yet, the floor is almost in. I had surgery today which slowed me down. The 2x4 you see across the top is temporary. it is holding the upper half at square until i finish the floor and do the roof

    Thats it for now
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    I got two PM'S telling me I am not using plywood. I am using plywood, OSB Plywood to be specific. There is lots of info on here going over using OSB please use one of them I do not wish for this thread to become a debate. For my application it is just fine.
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    Looks great man ! Having some handicaps can definately be challenging . I bet you can't wait to get that thing smoking !
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    Thanks!! I'm running it's break in seasoning today. TBS has been rolling on one chunk for two hours and it's about half burnt. I'm thrilled with the out come. It holds any temp from 100F to 300F (it could go higher) like clock work according to both my guage and wireless digital.

    I SMELL SMOKE!!! hahah lovvvve it. Actually decided to leave it under my lean to for extra rain blocking.

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    Works GREAT!
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    Awesome man ! Congrats ! What's first on the menu ??
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    A 6lb pork shoulder has been in since 11am rubbed with bilbo's dry rub. cannot wait till the stall is over i'm hungry!!
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    I bet . Take a pic , I'm getting hungry too .
  9. jackal12

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    Oops thought I posted it

  10. choupic

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    Oh man that looks good and juicy on the inside ... Only 3 more hours till lunch !! Lol
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    It was shockingly juicy. The juices that normally end up in the pan stayed inside. The crust as I call it was great and there was a very nice smoke flavor throughout. We had it with JJs finishing sauce. All in all the first smoke was a big hit it all worked out great!
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    Cool beans ! Congrats !

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