my sauce recipe, new to smoking, 2time making ribs

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  1. just bought a masterbuilt smoker this weekend. I had a lil chief before. only 2nd time making ribs, but here goes

    used Sportsmans warehouse st Louis honey bbq rub and peach flavored balsamic vinegar on top of rub and ribs over night, did a 321 on the ribs and foiled with 1/4 cup of apple juice in each pack of foil, after two hours went to dump off the rendering and decided would be good for a base for sauce. used hickory and pecan to smoke

    recipe follows:

    rendering from foil to small sauce pot

    1/4 cup ketchup

    honey to taste to your sweetness tolerance

    peach balsamic vinegar  1/2 ounce or to taste

    white  balsamic vinger to taste tolerance

    low med heat to render down to desired flavor consistency

    has a sweet note to start then acidity from vinegar , then ends with a smoky flavor from smoke from renderings and juice and rub. comments welcome ....
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    Sounds great to me!  Most important question is, How did you like it? 

    Looks like this is your first post here.  When you get the chance, stop over in the Roll Call forum and introduce yourself.  It'll give everyone a chance to get to know you a little and to give you a proper SMF welcome...

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    Sounds good, I really like Balsamic Vinegar and I'm going to try this [​IMG]  , easy enough and a good use of the AuJus.

    I believe I'll stick to my old Balsamic... I was given a bottle of 10yr. old Vinegar last Birthday.

    Keep up the cooking and send some Q-view too or you may end up with :[​IMG]
  4. not sure how to post pics but have some on my cell , I am doing a weight loss program and weekends are free days . Tried to stay as natural as possible , ddint glaze the ribs but used as a dipping sauce, sacrilege I know ... any help and ill post and thanks for the tip
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