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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by davidski, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    So i figured I would need a place to log and share all the mods and things i am doing with my OKJLH.

    My gallery is here

    Upcoming Mods
    • install 2 lower thermometers by handle
    • install lavarock gasket on main chamber and firebox
    • install handles on new rack system
    Mods Completed:
    • weld 4 C-Chan brackets inside chambler
    • weld two 36" wide expanded metal to angle steel frame to create pull out shelves. Double Decker. 
    • RTV sealed the joint between the firebox and main chamber
    • built fire basket with a 2x2 expanded steel sheet from HD
    • installed tuning plates
    • installed latches
    • installed stainless steal food prep area ($30 at ikea, $5 in screws and hardware)
    • 3" elbow inside of smoke stack
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  2. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

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  3. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

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  4. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    Ikea makes 2 stainless steel shelves. 1 doesnt fit, i tried. the other has another 8" of space that the original shelf did not.


    the damn shelf is hallow... so this is what i did to keep everything locked in until i can buy some spring loaded screws. 

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  6. link

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    Great Mods. Love the idea of the stainless shelf. I may have to do this to mine as well. 
  7. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    I am not done with the shelf yet.. i think i am going to reinforce the existing holes with 9/16 screw anchors, this shelf is just hallow and the bottom of it is some poly wood/plastic hard surface. 
  8. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    Easter Update!

    Got the iron cut, welded, and installed! HERE ARE THE PICS!

    So for 2 shelve system, this is all the angle iron, hallow bar and c-chan youll need. 


    here are the 2 pieces of expanded metal. 

    heres everything laid out. 

    Here is the hallow iron i will use to support the middle of the shelf. 

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  9. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    I sent the metal to my friends shop where he tack welded them there. 

    I then had a mobile welder come out and tack the chan into the chamber. 

    welding will melt the paint on the back of the smoker. We will have to address this later. 

    Heres the finished product! 

    NOTE: the 3" elbow mod no long works, we i will have to figure something else out. 

    NEXT!  Handles?  Seasoning, Chem Burnoff, first fire. 
  10. keitha

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  11. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

  12. rotanrorau

    rotanrorau Newbie

    Would like the measurements for the shelves if possible.
  13. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    Here you go!

    These are the numbers before and after i cut the 45s with the grinder. 

    May i suggest going to a metal fab supply,  this metal ran me about 90$, where the fab store by my house was around 45$

    If you want to save money, do angle iron instead of C-Channel, and weld a 2nd piece of angle upside down (making it a C-chan).

  14. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    Hey, did you see the measurements above?
  15. davidski

    davidski Smoke Blower

    Ive been asked to provide URLs to where i got the tuner and latches. URLs are by the pictures. 
  16. angioman

    angioman Newbie

    Awesome. Just got mine here in Hawaii. Will do some of the mods you did. Especially like the double shelf. I'll plan on welding something so my shelves don't fall out at full pull out.
  17. Don't weld it, Angio.  You're going to have cooks on the bottom rack where you need the extra height for what's on bottom and you need the top rack out.  Peg it somehow so that it stops, yet you can still get the shelf out if need be.

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