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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by smokeifyougotem, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. This is the new UDS i built with all the help and great posts from this site.  Check out the heat shield so my little guy doesn't run into it and get burned and it actually really does work doesn't get hot even when I had it running at 325-350 best Mod I did was this.  Just a little insurance I normally don't let him near it but when we do big parties we have tons of kids here so I figured better safe than sorry. 

  2. tom37

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    Thumbs Up, for the heat shield. It looks great, specially if it keeps the little ones safe.
  3. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great looking UDS - nice jobon the heat shield too
  4. smokinal

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    Nice, a great addition to the patio!
  5. Now if I could only get the weather to cooperate.  We have only had 2 days without rain in the last month horrible spring here in Chi-Town.  Ive been doing country style boneless ribs (which aren't even ribs) during all my test trials cause there super cheap 6lbs. for 15 bucks and they're really good but I'm ready for the big leagues so I cant wait till it warms up here......Oh, and by the way its raining again today go figure.  

  6. hardslicer

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    very nice.....looks very professional.....great job
  7. solaryellow

    solaryellow Limited Mod Group Lead

    Nice job on the UDS!
  8. soonerprices

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    Can you post some close up pics of the heat shield, esp picks of how it is attached?
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  9. meateater

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    Nice job, i hope it quits raining so you can get to business. 
  10. What a great idea for family protection - it's good to make little ones familiar with the dangers (and I guess us older folks hee hee)

    The weather God will cooperate soon and the cooking God is already smiling - looking forward to seeing your photos.

    I too am waiting to start my build and of course cooking !

    Good luck
  11. beer-b-q

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    Smoker Looks Great, Grub Looks Better...LOL
  12. I will post more pics of the UDS and the heat shield and how its attached.  I used the same blots I'm using to hold the grates only 3" long so I can have about 1 3/4" between the drum and the shield that allows for the heat to defuse and not transfer to the shield ( made from 1/2" expanded metal 16 ga.)  I wasn't even sure it was gonna work the theory was sound but not to sure about the science, but it works really well it never even gets warm.  Will post pics soon as it stops raining don't want to ruin my camera.  When I was younger we had a summer home on a lake and I bumped into a barrel full of burning leaves I just nicked the side of it with my calf and it literally burned my leg to the bone I still have the scar 6" long down the side of my right calf.  That was what I thought of when I was doing the burn out of the drum.  I saw that thing getting red hot and thought to myself I need to figure out away to keep my little guy from getting hurt.  I know the temps don't get bonfire hot in a smoker but still 250-325 gets that drum to hot to touch.  So ended my cheap UDS build and started my semi costly but safe UDS build.  I'm glad I did it.  I love having my lil guy outside with me when I'm grilling and he is so curious he probably thinks its the space shuttle.  I feel so much better knowing if by chance he ran into it he would just have a few scrapes but not be burned. 

    P.S. Please don't misunderstand my caution its not that I don't watch my kid, I'm always looking after my lil guy and his safety he's 15 months and still a little shaky on the walking and running but just one stumble into the drum and it would have been game over.  All it takes is once, and it could be a neighbors kid or anyone else for that matter the point of doing a UDS is because their designed to set and forget that's the beauty of a UDS don't have to keep a constant vigil just sit back and enjoy the awesome Q. 
  13. Hey Smokem

    Caution is great, being careful even better, and accidents happen. :-(

    Nothing wrong with what you are doing.

    Dave in Ottawa
  14. fife

    fife Master of the Pit

    Good Job on the safety and good looking smoker.[​IMG]
  15. tyotrain

    tyotrain Master of the Pit

  16. Finally some good weather here are the pics you asked for if you need more or have questions just let me know.  And some nice Q-view from last nights smoke.  3 slabs and some country style boneless.





  17. smokinal

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    MMMMMMM! I'm hungry now!
  18. zacmac

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    Hey Smoke, I read your earlier post about using the Comet to remove the red liner from your barrel.  Is this the barrel that you used that process on? Looks great if it is.  I'm going to follow your lead and do the two burns and try the abrasive cleaner on it.  That's all you did, right?
  19. dyce51

    dyce51 Fire Starter

    Heat shield is a great idea!!!!  Nice looking UDS
  20. yes this is the one and yes it worked good for me 2 good burns then a little comet and a green 3M pad and a sponge with some water on it.  got most of it off used a wire wheel for the few spots it didn't

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