My MES was all smashed up :(

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  1. I ordered a new MES 30in digital 0910 model from Amazon. When I received it, the unit was pretty smashed up in the box, but the box didn't have a mark on it. The door was broken off and creased in the middle, hinges bent, back edges caved in, feet bent. It makes me wonder if I got sent one that was smashed from the beginning, it didn't seem to be damaged in transit given the amount of damage to the smoker and the box was pristine. Anyways I emailed Masterbuilt some photos earlier this week and didn't hear from them, so I called them today. The girl was very good didn't give me a hassle but she said she would send out a new body, hinges, door and rear legs for me to replace on my own. I asked if it was easy to do, she said oh ya no problem.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has replaced the body on one of these, it seems everything is riveted in place, with a lot of rivets. I haven't given it a good look though since I just put it all back in the box as I was pretty upset about the condition. It does turn on and heat though, for now. I'm mechanically inclined but is this going to be a pain in the butt to refurbish this thing? If I can figure out how to post pics of the damage I will.
  2. Holy crap...your MES is a mess...not sure why they wouldn't just send you a new one.
  3. I agree with that but something else, I would have dealt with Amazon, they are amazing on returns.  The very few times we have had an issue they sent us a return shipping label, packaging and a replacement all with one call. I just had an order the other day that was 2-day shipping and on the third day it didn't arrive.  Called Amazon, they sent a new order overnight.  I asked what to do if the other order did arrive, they told me not to worry about it.  Now, maybe if it was more money they might have responded differently on sending it back but it was $65.  The new order was there next morning, the original order arrived a day later.  I love Amazon!
  4. I agree it would have been easier to send it back to Amazon, but this whole smoker purchase has been a comedy of errors really. I have bought and shipped a lot of stuff to my friend's US address, but this is the first one that I got burned on. Due to terrible weather, seemed like a major storm every weekend, and other commitments, I wasn't able to get across the border until just this past Monday, and I ordered it November 2013. So Amazon's return period was well past, even Masterbuilt's 90 day warranty was up. If I wanted to return it to Amazon (if they would take it) I would have had to drive back down into the States and ship it there, shipping charges from Canada I don't even want to know what the cost would be. At least with the new parts they will be shipped to my door.

    I looked further around on here and I think I answered my question on replacing the body, it looks like I will have to swap the controller and possibly the element, for some reason I was thinking I would get just the outer skin only but now that doesn't make sense when I look how it is constructed/insulated.

    She never said anything about wanting the old body and door back, if thats the case I'll bang the dents out as best I can and straighten the door so it seals and I'll fashion a cold smoker from those parts, although it will be an ugly beat up cold smoker.
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    Reading Masterbuilt smoker reviews on multiple websites you're not the first to experience this. Masterbuilt's quality control is DADGUM awful ! 
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    Mine was munched when it arrived too.  I sent pics to MB and they sent me a 'body kit' after I took the s/n plate off of the back and cut the end of the cord off and mailed them both.  The body kit is just that... the body.  I had to take the door off and the wire racks & components out and put into the new one.  It will probably be easier than jumping through all the Amazon hoops.
  7. So my new body came last Friday , I was away all weekend and FedEx left it at the back door. Luckily it didn't rain like it was supposed too. It was packaged much better and they sent a new body, hinges, door, chip tray, heat element and digital controller. I put it all together tonight, looks mint now. The box was labeled warranty kit fully wired #144 of 400. So it seems to me now I'm not the only one with this problem and they have these warranty kits on standby. Regardless, I'm very happy with tier customer service and I'm up as smoking. Tomorrow night I'm going to season it and this weekend try it out. Hopefully some q-view soon!
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    I read so many instances like yours on diff web site reviews I don't know why Masterbuilt assembles them at all. They should drop the price,pack them better,sell them assembly required, and save all the money they spend on double shipments!
  9. Burned in for 3 hours last night, man some stinky smoke was coming out for the first hour. After that I let the AMNPS smoke away burned 1 row of pellets. Had the chip drawer out 1 inch and I started with the loader out an inch and halfway through I pushed it all the way in, didn't seem to affect the burn of the AMNPS. I had it set for 275, the read out said 279 and my therm was reading 324. So 50 degrees hotter than set temp. Not sure what temps will be like with a food load.
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    If who ever makes the thermometers for Masterbuilt also made the speedometers for our cars we would all be in jail or dead! 

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