My MES 30 finally arrived, Have a few questions though.

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  1. The MES 30" finally arrived in Japan to me today. It arrived in perfect condition, no scratches, or dings. Whooo I was kinda worried about that one. Anyway so I already have my AMNS from Todd. In the 30" where do you guys suggest I put it, since I have the 6x6 version. Also do I use both the wood chip tray and the AMNS together or just use one or the other. Planning to smoke a whole chicken and ribs this weekend.

    Just did the preseason and it seems to be smoking pretty good. Not sure if I need to call MB and inquire about a chip drawer or not since having the AMNS. Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks all.
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  3. Thanks for chiming in AL. I will give MB a call on this. One thing though, I just tried the 6x6 AMNS in my smoker in the ideal location but it does not fit. I think I need to either place it on the 4 rack. I think the new AMNPS will work with no issue.
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    The 4th rack is fine, just keep it to the left away from the heat source.
  5. I remove the drip pan on the bottom...line the bottom with foil and slide it on the floor next to the chip pan on the left side. It works out great for me.
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    The old 6 X 6 will fit under the bars, on the floor if you remove the bottom drip pan, like gotarace said.

    Remove it & replace it with a foil pan or a sheet or two of foil.

    Then put your 6 X 6 on top of that, as far to the left as possible.

    If you don't want to do that, you can try it in your empty water pan, or put the 4th grill rack in, and put it on there (left side).

    I always put mine the first way I mentioned, when I used my MES 30.

    The new 6 X 8 AMNPS & AMNS fits on the bars to the left of the chip burner assembly, because the 6 is actually 5 3/8".

    As for the retro fix---You paid for a properly functioning chip burner---It's Free, like Al said. I would get it, even if I might only use it once in 5 years.

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    Congrats on the new smoker. [​IMG]
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions, Im going to give it a try this weekend.
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    I'm new at this just have the Master-Build 30" elec. Had it for about 1 month. I'm going to do a turkey 1/2. Need help..

    Thanks Funkyboy
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