My meat is to thick

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by dougmays, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. dougmays

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    hey all,

    so my butcher screwed the pooch and gave me slices for my jerky that a slightly larger then i the past when i've used piece this big people complain about the chewiness. 

    i bought 4 EOR roasts so its alot of jerky meat.  I'm wondering if pounding it flat with a meat malot would be a good idea to flatten and tenderize it.  Do you think this will degrade the quality of the meat?

    any advise here would be great
  2. I sliced mine a little thicker than I wanted once. I pounded it thinner. It did tenderize it a little. When I smoked it though it shrunk due to losing moisture but it pulled the meat back it seemed to almost it's original thickness. I didn't super pound it, like scallopini. Maybe I should have. Some of it was kinda tough. Get some Adolph's then pound the crap out of it. I doubt you'll hurt it.
  3. dougmays

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  4. Meat tenderizer.
  5. meateater

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  6. talan64

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    Lawry's does make a version of Adolphs without MSG, just be careful to read the label.  They also make seasoned and unseasoned versions.

    But you definitely need to stay away from anything with MSG in it.

  7. Adolph's is not MSG (it may have MSG but it's not MSG). Adolph's is "salt, sugar, corn starch, and bromelain" Bromelain is a plant dirivative - usually from pineapples

    Accent, on the other hand, IS MSG. [​IMG]  MSG is not of the devil unless you are allergic. Recent studies, using blind study methods, found very little evidence of allergies even in folks that alledged to have severe MSG allergies. However, like most food additives it should not be abused. Start looking for "does not contain glutamates" in addition to "does not contain MSG".

    As always, your mileage may vary.
  8. dougmays

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    i think i'm just going to try the pound method...will keep you posted.  thanks!
  9. The Adolph's I have has no MSG. I looked to make sure.
  10. fpnmf

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    OMG!! Does this mean you haven't been convinced that MSG is a tool of the Devil??

    Hahahhahahha me neither.

  11. I've never found a use for it. There are so many natural food flavor enhancers out there. Some folks call them SPICES.
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    MSG is a natural food enhancer...also known as sodium glutamate and MSG, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid, a naturally occurring non-essential amino acid.  

    There are many myths about MSG....not many facts that is bad...The much loved here FDA did some testing not long ago..

     report from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) compiled in 1995 on behalf of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that MSG is safe for most people when "eaten at customary levels". However, it also said that, based on anecdotal reports, some people may have an MSG intolerance that causes "MSG symptom complex" and/or a worsening of asthmatic symptoms.[22] Subsequent research found that, while large doses of MSG given without food may elicit more symptoms than a placebo in individuals who believe that they react adversely to MSG, the frequency of the responses was low and the responses reported were inconsistent, not reproducible, and not observed when MSG was given with food.[23] No statistical association has been demonstrated under controlled conditions, even in studies with people convinced that they are sensitive to it.[23][24][25][26] Adequately controlling for experimental bias includes a double-blind placebo-controlled (DBPC) experimental design and the application in capsules because of the strong and unique after-taste of glutamates.[24] In a study performed by Tarasoff and Kelly (1993) 71 fasting participants were given 5 g of MSG and then administered a standard breakfast. There was only one reaction, and it was to the placebo in a self-identified MSG sensitive individual.[17] In a different study done by Geha et al. (2000), they tested the reaction of 130 subjects that reported sensitivity to MSG. Multiple DBPC trials were performed and only subjects with at least two symptoms proceeded. Only 2 people out of the whole study responded in all four challenges. Because of this low prevalence, the researchers concluded that the response to MSG was not reproducible.[  
  13. alaskanbear

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    X2 what lover stated, pure spices over chemical compounds is my preference..

  14. OK then. MSG for everybody. And the peasants rejoiced. [​IMG]
  15. coffee_junkie

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    I don't see anything wrong with MSG, I use it in my sausages all the time.
  16. jirodriguez

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    MSG is fine.... provided you or anybody you serve is not allergic to it. We have to read labels real carefully around my house because if my wife eats anything with MSG in it she gets an instant migrain that is so bad she starts throwing up, and is basically incapacitated for 6-10 hrs.
  17. roller

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    The chinese like it....
  18. terry colwell

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    I wouldnt have bought it, If he didnt slice it right you should have declined it and left it there. Just because he sliced it wrong doesnt mean you had to buy it. Make them get your order right or let them sell it to someone else , or let them make hamburger out of it..
  19. dougmays

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    really good point Terry, i'm still a little new to the butcher thing so i've been learning as i go. i'm definitely going to be more amendment about it now.  i've been selling jerky now and people complain about the chewiness of the thicker pieces.
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    If you dont want to use MSG you might try Papaya. The unripe Papaya extract you can make into a past and rub into the meat. AKA Papain. You can get in the liquid ready to use. I find it at health food stores and has no salt or MSG.

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