My first two Boston Butts in the H2O electric

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  1. Well, it's now 6:10 p.m. I started these fellows at 7:15 a.m., and the lower one is now at 164 degrees, with the upper is at 167. Only a few more degrees and I can pull the top one off, wrap it, and let it settle for about 30 minutes -- then it's sandwich time!!

    The four photos (I hope I attached here) are of the first Boston Butts I have ever smoked. Top one was rubbed with salt/pepper and a light coat of olive oil. The bottom butt was rubbed with salt/pepper/thyme/Spanish Sweet Paprika and olive oil. Nothing injected in either of them. Only water from the soaked Mesquite chips was added to the pan. I did five smokings on them. Pretty good 21st wedding annniversary dinner, I think!

    I want to get this one to as close to 200 as I can -- even if it means I'm up at midnight!

    Now, I hope I attached the photos right! If not, please let me know the right way to do it. How do I get these photos into the gallery area?

    Terry -- Roadkill beware --- I have a smoker! [​IMG]
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    Congrats on the great meat. I love my little H2O.

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