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  1. So I have been searching this site for almost two years now and at last I had a reason to sign up and post something.

    I finally had the test run on my concept, this weekend and it surpassed my expectations. For really just throwing it together to see if it would even work like I had it thought out.  I have a few bugs to work out, still but the concept worked great.

    I started with an old dairy fridge I bought off craigslist for $40, it's sat in the shop for 2 years.  Then last year I bought an electric stove for $20 to use for all my heating parts and controls.

    Well about 3 months ago I started gutting the stove, saved all the pieces I needed and the rest went in the trash or the scrap trailer.

    Then on the clean up and fabrication on the fridge, pulled the liner and the insulation looked good and clean so I left that, then started installing the oven burner and element.

    I was going to run a second burner but wanted to run it first before I cut another hole in the liner, after running it this weekend, I don't think I need it so I can cut down the control panel and eliminate another dial.

    The thing heats up fast, holds temp amazing.  We ran 200 lbs of brats, 50 lbs of stix through on saturday testing playing with temps and setting the thing worked better than I had expected.

    Then Sunday I had 50 lbs of Summer Sausage and 25 lbs of Pepperoni to run.  It did great.

      I have a few tweaks but for what I have into it and as simple as it was I am very happy.  I will get some more pictures when I clean it up and as I get it all finished up, just wanted to get it out, I have searched for two years trying to get ideas how to build this without breaking the bank and didn't find much.

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    Looks great nice build
  3. smokinal

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    That's a great build!!

    Nice bunch of sausage too!


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