My first smoke on new MES 30 Gen 2.4756; First Impressions

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rc10mike, May 21, 2015.

  1. Made some baby backs 2-2-1 method with a recipe I found on Masterbuilts website. I used Hickory chips for the first 2 hours set at 225.

    By far, hands-down the best ribs Ive ever had. Beginners luck I guess? My wife thought they were too spicy, but oh well, I loved them. Will probably skip the cayenne next time.

    Now, I did have some concerns during my first smoke.

    Temp control was fine, but the meat probe (which wasnt used) was reading about 190 during the entire 225 smoke. This is strange because when I did the "seasoning" @ 275 both the internal temp and probe were reading within 1 or 2 degrees.

    Next concern was smoke output. The first load of chips went up good, I could see the inside filled with smoke. After about 45min I added more chips, but it never did return to that same level of smoke the first load made. I had to keep wondering if the chips were actually smoking! But I did see a VERY VERY faint trail of smoke after the first load. Is that all I need? I did empty the first load of chips and they were black not white ash. My AMNPS arrived at my door appx 1 hour into the smoke, so I didnt use it.
  2. Congratulations, Your first smoke was a great success. You also learned a lot from it. 

    The first thing you should have learned is that the temps will vary a lot from side to side and in elevation. you should think about a thermometer probe in the box You have tested.There are threads on that. The  next thing I will I will comment on is the thermometer. I won't endorse one particular one but you should look for one that has replaceable leads that are covered in s/s braid. They last much longer.

    Now that you have a AMNPS use it don't worry about chips. You now know they don't fully  combust. Your AMNPS will smolder for up to 11 hours producing Thin blue smoke(TBS)

    About those great looking ribs The bone pull back is great you don't need any more than that. That comes from the second stage of the 2-2-1 method.

    The first imparts the great color and the final finishes them either setting the sauce or hardening the bark from the second. Too long in the foil will over cook the rib. 

    Let me emphasize your success.   MIKE you did good         Jted
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    Overall the ribs look very good. But from the photo of rib section you're holding above your plate, it looks a little underdone but then I'm looking at a photo. When it comes to ribs, experience tells you when to pull them out and when you've done it either too soon or too late. I've done all of those.

    I use the Maverick ET-733 and, like you, I don't use the meat probe when smoking ribs. And, like you, I got two different temp displays. I think all the MES models have hotter and cooler spots, and during a smoke the hotter side can shift from one side to the other. It happened the last time I smoked St. Louis ribs in my MES 30 Gen 1.

    And another similarity: my wife would allow chili powder--even ancho chile powder--but not cayenne in a rub. She can cook up great spicy Mexican dishes for me and my son but she doesn't like to eat them that hot. So, to return the favor I back off on the heat I put into rubs.

    Jted is right; you should learn something with every smoke. I sure do. I'm much better now at doing a great job of smoking a variety of things than I was 3 years ago when I bought my smoker.

    Also, I highly suggest you check out A-MAZE-N smokers. I personally use the A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker and get better smoke results than I ever did with wood chips.
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