My first smoke ever... Quarters, wings, and ABT's (Q-View!)

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  1. Well, I had originally planned to smoke a boston butt for my first smoke. But, I missed the last couple that were on sale at Sam's by only an hour or so. The local Winn Dixie had quarters bogo, so I picked up a couple of packages. None of the recipes I used were mine, but I did borrow some ideas from some popular threads (here and here). I used the brine from the quarters thread, and the rub and sauce from the rub thread. I also smoked about 12 wings, which were just rubbed and then I used Buffalo Wild Wings sauce on them (some with honey bbq, some with spicy garlic, and some with asian zing). The ABT's didn't have any sausage, but they were made with cilantro, cumin, and pepper jack cheese. We also made the dressing and the croutons from the quarters thread.

    The wings were smoked for almost right at 4 hours, between 250 and 300, with mesquite chunks and using Kingsford competition charcoal. They were sauced twice at the beginning of the smoke, and then sauced again before they were thrown on the grill to crisp the skin. The wings were spun right after coming off the grill. So, without further ado, here is the q-view! The only thing I'm missing I believe is the bear view, but I was too excited to try my first smoke!


    All rubbed up and ready to go.


    First thrown onto my WSM 22.5


    An hour in.
  2. [​IMG]

    First sauce


    Wings and ABT's loaded up


    Been on for about an hour and a half at this point


    Quarters on the grill crisping up

    So, I'm hooked. Everything turned out delicious, and my whole family, whom are all bbq fanatics, said it was absolutely delicious, which was further proven by bones that were completely clean. I can't wait to smoke something else! Enjoy everyone, I know I did!
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  3. fpnmf

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    Looks great!!

  4. miamirick

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    keep up the good work

    soon you'll have that wsm all messy and another two inches on your belly!
  5. realtorterry

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    Man that's some good looking chicken. Great job!
  6. venture

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    Looks good from here!

    Keep us posted.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. meateater

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    Looks great, now you need  a smoking buddy. [​IMG]
  8. smokinal

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    Everything looks delicious!

    Great job!


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