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  1. so yesterday i was told i needed cholesterol medication, so i decided to celebrate by smokin a couple fatty's and some abt's so i was thinking pizza for some reason so here's what i did i made 2 for trial , i took a 1lb roll of italian sausage for each, rolled them out and put them on the wax paper, stuffed both with pepperoni,fresh chopped mushrooms, mozerella and little ceasars crazy bread sauce, on 1 i added chopped green pepper and onion.
    i'm here to tell ya those 2 fatty's rocked!!! then i took some leftovers this morning and re heated them and put some fried eggs over them for breakfast!!! WOW! that was definately a happy easter breakfast for sure!!![​IMG] i still don't have q-view set up but will soon
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    I did a fatty with sweet Italian sausage and it turned out great. I could only find it already made into sausages, so I just split them and removed the meat.

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