My first Fridge, First Smoker and First time smoking!

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    Hi all, as i have already expressed i am from Uruguay (South America) and here smoking meat is not as well known as in the U.S.

    Here we do love meat, but mostly in "Asados" done in a "Parrilla" (A Grid iron with Wood Fire)

    But back in November, my cousin and i started a project of having our very own smoker, and after some online investigation (and reading lots on this forum) we came with the idea of getting a Fridge and turning it into a smoker.

    So the first step obviously was to get a Fridge that could be turned into a smoker and we found this one.

    After asking lots of questions to " Smokin Horse " in this forum who had already made and shown something really similar to what we wanted in this forum we started the work,

    And yesterday, we got it finished, and turned it on for the first time...

    We were planning to only turn it on but without any food for the first time in order to let anything that should burn go and just try to get to know it a little better.

    But after a while we decided to toss a small 2 pounder piece of Pork butt, just so as to see how it went, and learn how to cook it.

    We created a dry rub with what was on hand, and after almost 4 hours (One of those hours foiled), it got to 195 F, and this was the result...

    So, considering it was our first ever time smoking meat, first ever time building a smoker, first ever time witnessing how it was done, and second ever time eating smoked meat, i can say both of us where really satisfied.

    What do you guys think?

    PS. We are planning on painting the smoker in some time
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  2. abejota88

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    I would like to thank user Smokin Horse for all his guidance and coping with our questions through this process!
  3. smokin horse

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    Hey looks good man. ..glad I could help out. Hope you enjoy smoking meats like I do. It's a fun and rewarding hobby. Keep us posted with pictures
  4. daveomak

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    Nice smoker and the meat looks moist and tasty...   Great job on both....   [​IMG]

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