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  1. I just finished seasoning my home made smoker yesterday and have been iching to smoke something so due to working 7 days aweek I figured a fatty would be the ticket due to a shorter smoke time then most meats.
    I went with johnsonville sweet italian link sausage removed from the caseing s due to the store I normally deal with was closed by the time I got out of work.I stuffed it with jalapenos, green onions,mushrooms, swiss and colby cheese and a roasted garlic/parmesan sause.
    Smoked with apple wood for 2 hrs @ 225 deg. Outside temp was 18 deg.
    Until It was 170 deg. (Maybe little too long but not at all dry....very juciy!!!)
    I am very impressed and my picky wife also gave a 2 thumbs up.
    I will definitely try different variations in the future.
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    Looking good Joe.  How did the bacon turn out?  It looks very tasty.

  3. The bacon turned out nice but , I was using a new thermometer on my door of my smoker and also a new remote thermometer for the it of the fatty . Chamber temp thermometer said 230 deg. And after 2:30 min it temp was already 170deg so I grabbed my pocket it thermometer and checked it and my remote it thermometer was correct. I then used another oven thermometer and found my smoking chamber was 340 deg .......time to find a new thermometer for the door , any recommendations ?
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    A Maverick 732 is probably the most liked and used here as it will show the temp of the smoker and the food at the same time.  The therm on the outside of the smoker IMHO is used just for reference. 

  5. Did you saute and cook down the green onion and mushrooms, or put them in raw?
  6. I Put them in raw, they where cooked just right for me. I like them a little firm, but if you don't care for them like that I have heard some folks heat the veggies up on the stove and let them cool before adding to there fatty.
  7. These fatties are always so fun to see! (I laugh, as I'd never even heard the term before joining this site and now am amazed, each day, at the clever creations)!

    Nice job! Merry Christmas! Cheers! - Leah
  8. Thanks and a Very Merry Christmas to You Also
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    Nice job. Looks real tasty.

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