My first brisket

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  1. Well had the smoker a year now and been doing sausage,brats, chicken, and ribs but this is my first brisket. Bought an 8lb flat at HyVee, trimmed the fat to 1/4", rubbed and injected it with some spiced up beef broth, then let it sit 24 hours in the frig. Its 11:15 PM and just put it on with the thought of cooking through the night. I am figuring stall around daybreak so I can tent with spiced up apple cider or just wait it out depending on how the bark looks. Dinner is not until 4:00 pm tomorrow so I have time to let it sit after hitting around 200 in towels and a cooler. I have to cooker set to 205 as it runs 10 degrees hotter than the digital read out per a standard cooking thermometer and my Readi-Chek wireless talking thermometer. I have chicken brining over night and I will put those on in the morning. I usually wake up a couple times a night so I will use that to add more apple wood chips to the hopper.

    My logic sound about right? Thoughts?

    I do have a question on thermometers, what are the best dual t-meters for cooker temp and food temp without breaking the bank? Mine are getting up there in age so an upgrade is in least in my mind.

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    Check out the Maverick ET-732 or 733.... I have the 732 & really like it !

    Also if ya injected, I'd run your smoker at least at 225* ! When ya inject, remember the 40*-140* in 4 hrs rule !
  3. OK WHB I do not know the 40*-140* rule? I will research, thanks
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    I have the Maverick ET-733. It works great. No complaints.
  5. Progress report:

    Ok so on the information the WHB gave me on the 40-140 rule I up'd the temp ten degrees last night before I went to bed. Its 9:00am so the brisket (two 4lb flats) have been on for a little over nine hours. They are sitting at 178* and its time to put the bacon wrapped chicken breasts on. Those should take a few hours so, all in all, easily in my time frame of eating at 4:30 today.
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    That is some good-looking brisket!
  7. The end results were very good. The flavors in both the brisket and chicken were great. Both cooked a little long so they were a touch dry. The crowd didn't think so but I did. Next time I will do the exact same thing but pull them a touch earlier. Another thing I did that I have never done before wrap everything and put them in a cooler to sit for an extended period. I am a big fan of letting meat rest but usually it's out in the open for less than 30 min. These things were in the cooler 4 hours and still very hot when I cut and served them. Great stuff!!!

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