My first brisket today

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lovebbq, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I put on my first brisket this morning in my split door brinkmann charcoal smoker. It is 5.5lbs I put a rub on it last night and started it this morning just after 7 it has been on for about an hour and forty min. and I am at 125 internal temp is this normal? I am just concerned the temp guage on smoker is not accurate. I just want my first brisket to turn out good.
  2. oh by the way I should mention I do have a taylor digital therm
  3. Seems fast to me. I did a brisket last weekend. I think it was about 7#'s. It took about almost 7 hours to break 120 deg. That was smoking at 210.
  4. Ya I thought that was fast too and now I think i hit the stall I am at 139 and have been there for a while i just put another temp guage inside by meat and adjusted the vents so hopefully i can get it cooled down a little.
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    I am doing my first brisket today as well and I am having the same issue. Mine has been in the UDS at 225 for 3 hours and my one probe reads 154 and the other ready around 138. It is a pretty thin and lean 6 lb flat but we were thinking it seems to be getting up to temp pretty fast. I added a second probe just to make sure my first one wasn't messed up. Doesn't that seem fast for a temp that high? I am not giong to sweat it yet. Pretty soon I will be stalled out and I will be complaining that the temps aren't climbing. haha Oh well.
  6. well I went out to check the other temp gauge I put in beside the meat and it shows almost 300 and the temp on outside of door shows 200 wow!! that explains why it is cooking so fast, so I closed up vents a little and got it back down to 250 hopefully it didnt dry it out or anything it still looks good and smells heavenly I have been spraying an apple juice spray on it so hopefully it turns out okay. Now I was thinking of taking it to 165ish and taking it off foil it and put back in and take it up to about 195 pull it out wrap in towel and let it rest about an hour does that sound like it will work?
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    It will be fine. Some folks smoke briskets at 300°+. I do mine at 240° minimum and I don't worry if the smoker creeps up in the 270s. Not much real benefit from trying keep the smoker at 210° IMHO.

    Now you know not to trust the stock smoker therm. [​IMG]

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    Did you calibrate the smoker's temp gauge? Even if it's off, you'll know by how much. Good luck my friend.
  9. okay I have been at a stall at around 140 for almost 4hrs how long is this stall period im starting to panic (no not really just hope it starts climbing soon) my smoker is now at 250 and has been for the past 3-4 hrs now that i got the temp down a bit.
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    If you're sure your smoker is at the temperature you set it at then you just have to wait it out. It will get through it and then the temp will rise pretty fast. Be patient.

    You can increase your temp. Some people like to do briskets much higher than 225-250 if you get impatient or dinner plans are in jeopardy
  11. Thanks scuba im fairly sure the inside temp is about 250 I did add a little charcoal to increase temp some to see what happens
  12. well my temp finally came up it hit 152 and has seemed to stall out again it has been there for a while so hopefully it is okay I thought it would come up a little faster but I still have like another hour for estimated time at 1.5 hrs per pound it is a 5.5lb flat. do you think I should wait till it hits the 160-170 stage to foil or do it earlier i just hate for it to dry out.
  13. alright well we finally got it, it hit a temp of 160 and I foiled put it back on till it hit 195 now it is resting in towels now lets hope it tastes good sorry no qview maybe next time my digital cam is mia not sure where we left it.
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    I've had some suprisingly long stalls before. I don't think you did anything wrong. Sometimes it happens.

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