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  1. Samples from my previous brisket smoke got shared with a couple of folks who asked that I smoke some for their Easter dinners. Given their commitments for Sunday the orders would have to be picked up today (Saturday) and reheated for the dinner.

    Things started off a little shaky as it was a very windy day and I could not get my MES30 temps under 270 degrees.  I had the controller on the unit at 225 and I didn't want to go lower than that for fear that the controller wouldn't let the element get hot enough to smoke the wood chips.  I have the AMNPS but I wasn't able to test it and I didn't want to risk it with an order for someone else so I had to stick with the standard chip loader.

    I used an ~8lb and ~15lb Choice packer; used my standard rub and started with the last of my hickory chips and then switched to mesquite when those ran out.

    I was worried that the higher temps would have a negative impact but other than cooking much faster than normal everything turned out perfectly. I foiled at 160 IT and the small one was pulled from the smoker at just over 6 hours with an IT of 190 and probed tender in several spots and the big boy was done a couple hours after that.  I wrapped them both in towels and placed in a cooler for a couple hours to rest and everything turned out great! My customers should be very pleased!

    I didn't get any prep pics but here's what I do have...

    About 3 hours in

    The small one ready for slicing

    Sliced up rather nicely

    All trayed up and ready for delivery

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    Love that shot of them cooking! Mmm mm
  3. Thanks Humdinger! The customers were very happy and it looks like I may get some orders from other folks at one of the dinners.
  4. if you don't mind my asking, did you charge anything for the briskets? if so, how much?  I only ask because I'm doing smoked meat on weekends for cash and have a lady wanting brisket.  I have one , but im not sure what to charge.
  5. I based my pricing off of a local I follow on instagram who sells and delivers smoked meats.  I really had no other frame of reference or idea what to charge.  I can't say if I am making any money if I put a value on my time.  

    I charge $15/lb (cooked weight) up to 5lbs and $125 for a whole brisket (8 -12lbs pre cooked weight).
  6. thanks
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    In addition to your time there is the cost of equipment, insurance, licensing and inspection, the classes and tests to be a certified food service manager and so on and so on. Suddenly that $125 for a brisket seems like a bargain.
  8. And then there's that...

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