My first Brisket attempt, advice please

Discussion in 'Beef' started by shinny, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm going to do my first brisket for father's day. I have a 6 pounder I plan on rubbing with garlic, salt and pepper. I plan on 215-220 degrees. When I wrap it at 165, should it be wrapped tightly or is a foil pan covered with foil okay? If I read all of the threads correctly, I should smoke until 200 IT. for slicing, but what type of wood would you suggest?

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    I personally use a foil pan covered in foil sheets because I like to make some "juice" and throw in some veggies.  I foil it at 165-175, whenever I catch it and remove it for resting around 200 or whenever a toothpick or thermometer probe feels tender sliding in.  A lot of people here like Chef Jimmy's Au Jus in the pan.  Beef absorbs flavors from the smoke very well so its mostly whatever smoke-flavor you prefer.  I think the earthy flavor of oak goes well with beef but some people I've had over said it was a bit strong for them.
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  3. My first and only brisket I did but didn't foil it. I also made Chef Jimmy's Au Jus with it and that my friend was outstanding. We've agreed here that for us 200* internal temp was a bit too much for our slices, so next time I will only take it to 180-185* and then let it rest knowing it will go up in temperature a few more degrees.

    Mesquite and hickory are pretty strong woods, I used hickory and Jack Daniels Oak Barrel Chips. 

    Don't forget the q view!
  4. I like Mesquite because it is traditional with brisket but it is a strong flavor if you use too much.  One or two fist sized chunks are enough IMHO.
  5. I'm going to be doing my first brisket, first anything actually, tomorrow, I rubbed it with paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, brown sugar, salt, and pepper. It was one I just found on google, had no clue really what to do it in so I figured I'd give that a go. I plan on not foiling and am using hickory wood. I'll let you know how it goes! 

  6. I smoked a 16 pounder last Christmas Eve for 24 hours at 225 with a shirt period turned down to180 degrees while I slept for 3 or 4 hours. Wrapped it in foil then a beach towel then stuffed into my lunchbox with more towel to rest for 2 more hours. Opened it up to cut and it was still steaming and the absolute best brisket I have ever eaten, same for everyone else in attendance.

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  7. Ok...sorry I forgot to take before pics. It's been in for 5 hours, stalled at 143* for almost 2 hours. It looked moist when I checked the water level and sprayed it. I'll try to add pics next time I check it
  8. what wood did you go with?

    I like pecan for brisket--strong enough to get your attention, but not so strong as to be overwhelming...
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    I will also suggest 175-185* IT for slicing.
  10. I used a very small piece of mesquite.

    I'm hoping to pull it around 185, but it won't get above 165 now. Second stall? As soon as I foiled it, I put it back in and it dropped 2 degrees which didn't concern me because I used Beef broth that came from the fridge. It's been sitting at 165 now for almost an hour.
  11. I did it again....forgot to take pics. sorry
  12. Finally...185*, pulled, wrapped in a towel and in the cooler for an hour. I'll post pics after I slice it. If I remember
  13.  [​IMG]

    Here's my Q-view after slicing it. Small smoke ring and big flavor.

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    Looks good you sure that was your first brisket?
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    looks good from here
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    nice job...i'm trying to find me some time to do one.  how long did it take in total?

  17. It took 10 hours including rest time in the cooler
  18. Hey Shinny,

    Fellow Harford County'er here. Looked like a nice brisket you smoked.
    Was wondering where you purchased your meat? I checked out Redners but the selection was pretty slim.
    Didn't see any brisket or even short ribs. Might check out Walmart next.

    I also am looking for a 6-8lb brisket since I'm only feeding 4 people and don't need a 14lb brisket for that.
  19. Hey,
    I got it at BJ's. I get all my meat there. It's cheaper than the stores around us. I haven't tried Walmart yet
  20. How much was that 6lb from there?

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