My Drum Smoker Project -pics and video coming later tonight

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  1. Hello fellow BBQ enthusiasts,

    I just finished a smoker and wanted to share how I did it.and what it looks like.

    I bought the 55 gallon drum steel barrel from a zero waste company here in Colorado for $30.  It was previously used for orange juice according to the label.  I burned it out overnight, stripped it with a wire wheel, cleaned it with water and rubbing alcohol, painted it with grill paint, drilled holes for ventilation, put in fittings for vents including one ball valve to adjust air flow.  Made the charcoal basket, put in the grates, added handles for sides and lid, put in temp gage, drilled hole for top vent in lid.  It took me an evening of watching it burn (mostly just sit there and drink a beer), then a Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning of working.  I had fun doing this project and look forward to using it in an upcoming KCBS BBQ competition in a couple of weeks.

     I'll post more pics and my video tonight.  I'm going out to dinner with my wife (BBQ restaurant!)

    Thanks for looking and I look forward to your feedback.


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    I saw your video, it was great!

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