My compostable Sun Chips bag experiment.

Discussion in 'Composting' started by smokednarwhal, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. smokednarwhal

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    If you haven't heard about it yet, Sun Chips is promoting their new chip bag packaging as 100% compostable. Some people are claiming that the bags take too long for regular large scale composting, such as those which are found in some cities and universities. I am curious about how the bags will be handled by my worm composting bin. I will take photographs every few days and document the progress of the decomposition, or lack thereof.






  2. northern greenhorn

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    Why don't they just make them out of paper, so we can use them to light our charcoal chimney with [​IMG]
  3. Did it decompose?
  4. flbobecu

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    I buy tortilla chips in paper bags. Though not "regular chips", I'd thought it count. :)

    Not likely in a month.. but may show signs.

    I had a bag, and the print is right, it is REALLY loud packaging. It doesn't bother me, but it's different.
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  6. meateater

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    Mexican worms might work better. [​IMG]
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    lol i like it haha and you didnt even catch hell!![​IMG]
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    i know abut this product because i used to work at the company that was devolping and prodcing the film for these bags. The film is corn oil based and it should be biodegradeabl no i was there any more when rand d was workin on sealing the film for freshness of product a friend of mine still works there and before we were meatalizing the film with aluminum gass and it was called metalized film. This was done for a moisture barrier to allow for better freshness. When he told me that they had perfected this film i asked if they were metalizing it he said he believed so so now youve really peaked my intrest on this please keep posting on this
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    Posts like this are going to get me in trouble with the misses. I read the links and took a trip down the 'worm hole' - next thing I know I'm researching aqua-culture and calling local tilapia fry suppliers. This website is going to be life-changing!
  10. I heard somewhere that Sun Chips is discontinuing those bags because they don't compost like they thought they would.
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    The story NBC did was that Frito was discontinuing all but the origional flavor in the bio bags because people were complaining that the bags are too noisy. NBC did not say why Frito was going to leave one flavor in the bags. I thought it was pretty funny to think people were upset about the noise of the bag.

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