My biggest smoke yet!, Brisket n Butts, Q-View Heavy!

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  1. Well thanks to all of the suggestions from you all at SMF and especially oldschoolbbq from the forums here which helped to make all  this so good.Ill try to give credit for recipes where due at each pic!

    One of the two 7.7lb butts


    Here it is after olive oil and Dixie dust rub from Greg r from the forums here, By far the best pork rub that I have used to date,


    Here  is the 14.5 lb. brisket after trimming what I would guess to be about 2 lbs of fat and left about 1/4 inch fat cap


    After the Big Bad Beef Rub from Meathead on


    After getting the big hunks on, two butts and a 15lb packer. Big heated SFB charbroil with kings ford blue and cherry for smoke. Getting ready for a long night, My crew didn't show up but the grand kids promise to stay up and help!! We we'll see, teenagers attention span isn't quite what you'd think!lol  That's a tortilla holding up the probe, I was out of taters,me improvising!!!


    Hard to see but a nice thin blue line and with my firebrick mods, it held heat nicely at 225 for about 6 hours only fluctuating then by about 25 degrees.  It took another chimney af kings ford and two more chunks of cherry,for the resst of the smoke until it hit 180. I then removed the brisket and cut off the point with a butter knife to try my first attempt at burnt ends.. I'm Excited but getting tired by now, Oh by the way, the last of the grand kids just gave out,  Its about 1:30 am now. Still a ways to go![​IMG]   Better slow down on the miller light.  Oh what the hell, Its my birthday..CHARGE!!



    Finally through the stall, got the point cut up rubbed and back on for smoke,  looks good but getting tired now and still all the appetizers and cutting up and pulling to do.  Whew, Ill get more help next time!



    Well it happened, I fell asleep in the chair about 6:00 and woke up about 6:30.[​IMG]   I should have taken off the burnt ends at least by six they came out just a little overdone, but tasted splendid, none the less, just a little tough.


    Well next the batteries in my temp probes took a dump at about 180 on the flat and the butts, and now still nobody awake to get any for me. well ill just go an the time and feel from here...    It all came out well irregardless. 



    Came out nice and tender but not mushy, nice pink ring and bark.

    The butts were perfect but I got tired of all the pulling and (so sorry) did some chopping,  by the way all of this was after 2 hours resting covered in a cooler.


    By now its 11:00 am, still going strong, removed some ash, added more kings ford and cherry and put on the appetizers as they would fit. Moink balls, ABT's and lollipops. turns out it was three more 1.5 hour cooks each!  Turns out it worked out well to feed people as they came in and out so it seemed that everyone got freshly pulled off appetizers with there meal! Who would have thunk it?  Time for a shower and another beer! Too late to stop now, Oh and the game is on too!




    Beautiful bark, aw some smoke ring, tender and moist!!  I think letting it rest in the cooler is ny favorite new trick, Thanks guys!!


    And a shot of the last of the appetizers,  brain is a little fuzzy now but I'm blaming it on no sleep! Ya with me? [​IMG]

    GO TITANS!  


    I never got a shot of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans cooking, But everyone here said it was the best that they had ever eaten and I would agree!  Thanks Dutch!  All and all a great smoke. Again thanks for all your advice and help.  I'm already to do another if the wifey would let me!  maybe a couple of weeks???
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    looks like a feast to me. Great job.
  4. africanmeat

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    It really look great .[​IMG]
  5. roller

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    Party time Nice job it all looks real good!
  6. smokinal

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    Everything looks delicious!

    Great job!
  7. That was a great lookin spread. Glad everything turn out well.
  8. tjohnson

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    How many guys you feeding?

    Fantastic Job!

  9. Great Job! That's a lot of work but I'm sure everyone enjoyed. Thanks for sharing and pics...James
  10. Turned out, we fed about 25-30 and still have enough to take to the fire hall and share with the guys there. A big payoff in how far the butts, or pulled pork goes. all the brisket and appetizers were gone the day of the party, They went first.
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    Look delicious.
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    WOW!  What a pile of food!!  Looks great!
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  14. Awesome display. Looks fabulous. I'll bet you slept good that night after dinner.
  15. That looks awesome I just cooked Dutch's beans this weekend along with three briskets those beans are amazing sorry too too busy for Qview maybe next time.
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    Way to go [​IMG], I knew you could do it;next time you recruit,say beer and you will have all you need.[​IMG]  Ya did great and had a good B-day.

    Glad all went well, later Tater- see ya next post,and keep in touch.

    Stan    aka    oldschool
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    Everything on this thread looks GREAT !!!!!

    Excellent Job, ffighter!!!!

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    Just a wonderfully splendid job sir  well done!!



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