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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by bixter1, Jul 19, 2008.

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    I've been doing a bunch of bacon lately and the outcome has always been great. I want to return something to this awesome site so I decided to post how I do it from a fresh belly to freezing the sliced bacon. Maybe some pics of some awesome BLTs as well! Im going to post how I skin the belly and then latter today how I cut the belly into a smokable size and how I cure it. I'm going to use Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon cure for 3 of them (it's just so good) and then a homemade cure for the 4th too see if I can get something close to the buckboard.

    I like to start with a whole belly that hasnt been trimmed by the butcher. I have a friend (italian) who loves the skin and makes some great dishes with it. If you don't have the pleasue of someone to enjoy the skin. Bake it for a long time and your dogs will love it.

    Here's a picture of the top and one of the bottom of a fresh belly.

    and the bottom

    I start with a good boning knife and insert it just below the skin start at the middle of the belly. My knife is long enough to do 1/2 the belly at a time.

    Top view

    Close up view. Notice the tip of the knife is sticking out in the middle of the belly.

    Start by angling the edge upwards and constantly moving the knife in a quick motion cut towards the end. I find I almost just need to wiggle the knife (maybe 1inch in and out) to get it going. The skin has wrinkles so if you pull on the skin with the other hand as you cut you will avoid any short cuts. What happens is your knife will hit a skin wrinkle and cut through the skin. It stinks to start a new cut over again. Once I get the one 1/2 of the side done I continue in the other direction.

    and then the otherside is done. I flip it and repeat

    Once I am done with the belly I will roll the skin (skin side out) , wrap each strip in wax paper and freeze it for whoever wants it.

    I'll post the rest latter today. Any questions let me know.
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    Very interesting Bixter!! I'm looking forward to following your progress/process
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    interesting so far. I have always wondered about this.Keep the progress posted.
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    Somehow I missed this thread. Great tutorial.
  5. Great so far. Am I missing something or did you stop at the skin removal? I always wanted to make my own bacon. Would love to see the rest of the tutorial on it. [​IMG]
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    OK, who's got a recipe for Pork Rinds?

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