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  1. This is my firebox. 30X30.  Top and Bottom are 1/4" and Sides are 3/16".  Custom made hinges.

    Chamber is a 250 Diesel Fuel Tank that my father in law had since the 1960's.  Custom hinges there too.  The wheels are just for maneuverability in the shop.  The half moon was increased some before it was connected to the firebox.

    These are my custom made handles.  They look neat but I had to smooth the ears up because they would lay you open if you brushed by them with a bare arm.


    Had my first design flaw here.  I had to mount the lower grates below the door opening.  I miscalculated the door cut.  With the grates that I have I will have over 4000 sq. in. of cooking area.

    Design flaw #2.  I had to cut the hams off of the pigs to get the handles to point down because in the open position I had to stand on tip toes to reach the handles.

    This is my temp controller.  I will be checking internal on 1 butt and can check left or right chamber temp.  I plan to shut down airflow when meat internal is 190 and figure out a way to bring chamber temp to around 150.

    This is my air injector! 3 inch tubing.
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  2. This is the trailer that I am mounting everything on.  I plan on having prep tables, sink and wood storage.

    Another pic on my controller after filling in the letters.
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    Off to a great start!  Can't wait to see the progress.
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    You mentioned you need to drop the CC temp once IT meat temp was satisfactory...... EASY..... Install another air inlet ABOVE the fire grate across from the FB/CC opening...... Close down the air to the fire, and open the upper air inlet... cool air flows into the CC while the fire idles.... That's also the theory for controlling cooking temps.... Upper and lower air inlets on the FB.....

  5. Good Idea!
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    That will be a really nice rig when you are done, where are you from?
  7. Thanks. I am from south of you in Plantersville, AL.

  8. Wood Storage (I am adding a wall there to protect the fan from the wood.)

    Condiment Shelf

    Temp Controller

    Piggy Handles.

    Water connection.

    Stoker Fan.

    Over 4000 sq in of cooking area.

    Still got to:

    Add sink, CHECK

    Fresh water tank CHECK

    Gray water tank.  CHECK

    Wash-down hose for prep table. CHECK

    Box on the end of the prep table to hold foil.  CHECK

    Install the right and left temp switch on controller. CHECK

    Build a foldable step for the side entry.

    Propane burner.

    Dutch oven cooking area. (just a metal plate about 30X30 with wind blocking sides) (I use the top of the firebox, works great)

    Add a battery and propane tank <--(CHECK) to the tongue of the trailer (I have a small negative tongue weight issue). Propane tank added.  I have also installed a 12VDC powersupply.

    Add a shelf to the grill front.  I was going to go a different route on this but found that I really need a shelf there. Foldable shelf is now installed.  It is about a 30X30 table.

    I have also installed several led lighting sources around the trailer.
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  9. Butts and Baked Beans!
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    That rig turned out beautifully!!! [​IMG]

    How do you like how the Bubba Q controls your temperatures?
  11. I love it.  I need to update the probes though.  I am getting moisture in them and the are giving me errors and false readings.  This is a controller that I built.  My daughter named my Bar-B-Que "BubbaQ" years ago.
  12. RigzCNC, congrats........... your smoker trailer turned out awesome.

    Question, where did you purchase the Bubba temp controller?

       I have just completed my own reverse flow rig and I am having

    great success cooking the manual way but would like to make the

    next set to automatic temp control.
  13. I built this controller.  My stepdaughter has always called me Bubba.  When I cooked some pulled pork she would not call it Bar-B-Que she would call it Bubba Que.  So that's what it came to be called BubbaQ.  I use 2 controllers wired in series.  One controls the fan to keep the temp at a preset control.  it usually varies about 4 or 5 degrees.  This is also has to be watched by how much wood is in the Firebox and how well the wood is seasoned.  When the meat temp reaches the preset temp, it opens the fan circuit and kills the fire.
  14. OK Update time!

    LED Lightbar.  Everything is 12 VDC so it can go anywhere.

    It is on a pole that folds out of the way when not in use.

    Built a table that is attached to the smoker and fold out of the 


    I have installed a 10 Gallon Freshwater tank with on demand

    pump.  I use my RV portable tank for the grey water.

    I installed a PC power supply to power the unit when it is not

    connected to my pickup.
  15. I also have updated the probes to a waterproof version.

    An update is also planned for the controller.  Instead

    of left and right probes I am going to put a Timer in 

    that location.

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