My 1st Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by todg, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. todg

    todg Fire Starter

    It was only a 11LB one but hey you have to start some where. Oh and I hit a 3 hour stall now I know what you guy's are talking about. 

    I did the wife a turkey breast tenderloin also.
  2. hickorybutt

    hickorybutt Smoking Fanatic

    Nothing wrong with an 11lb-er.  They cook faster than the larger ones.  Looks good - congrats.
  3. todg

    todg Fire Starter

    very true it took 15 hours to hit 190. Wife thought I was crazy I set my alarm at 1 am to get it going.
  4. I hear ya, brother.  First butts I did last year I told my wife a couple of times "I'm gonna have to get up early to get it started", without much response.  When the alarm went off at 3:00 am the conversation was:

    Wife: "It's 3:00, what's wrong?"

    Me: "Nothing's wrong, I told you I would have to get up early"

    W: "This isn't early, it's the middle of the night."

    M: "You want it for dinner, don't you"

    W: "You're nuts.  Someone's going to call the cops when they see you back there with that flashlight strapped to your head"

    [Sigh...]  They just don't get it.  That's my favorite part of the whole process.
  5. todg

    todg Fire Starter

    That is so funny pretty but  much the truth,they just don't get it. Thanks for the laugh.
  6. Thanks for bringing some over for us Todg! We really enjoyed it! I cant wait to try my first brisket.  [​IMG]
  7. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member


    I just busted out loud laughing as I'm reading this...Mrs. Red looks over at me like I've got a loose screw.  She says "what the heck are you laughing at"?  I says "its wouldn't get it."

    Its so funny because I've been there, done that!

    BTW Todg...your brisket looks great...nice first attempt!  [​IMG]

  8. todg

    todg Fire Starter

    NP Wyatt and your smoked pepper sticks were  perfect also. Did you do a post yet on them and your smoker you built?
  9. knifebld

    knifebld Smoking Fanatic

    Too funny, my wife thought the same when I did my first brisket...then she had those wonderful burnt ends...

    Now about every other day or so I get: ''When's the next time you are going to get your a$$ up in the middle of the night and cook me a brisket??''

    Gotta love it!

    Congrats on the brisket Tod, looks real good!

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