My 1st Brisket this weekend. Help/Advice.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by scriprp, Jul 1, 2010.

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    I think I'm finally ready to step up to the brisket this weekend.  I have heard many things about smoking a brisket; so much that I'm starting to get confused.  I have also read a few threads on here that have been very educational.  I'm looking for any extra knowledge (below)  that anyone can help pass on. I've heard to keep it simple the first time???  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Marinade or Inject?

    Mop every hour?

    1.5 hour per pound?

    Fat up or down?

    Rub recipes?

    Flip the meat half way through?
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    Marinade or Inject?  I wouldn't do either for I like the meat toshine thou and give out it's own flavors.

    Mop every hour? I mop/spirtz every hour or so. Now I would do it quickly so not to lose heat.

    1.5 hour per pound? Is a pretty good smoking time measurment but it cook as long as it wants.

    Fat up or down? I like it fat side up and let it melt and flavor the meat more.

    Rub recipes? Right now I like jeff's rub or a good and a little spicey try Old Bay it's different an alittle kick to it.

    Flip the meat half way through? Nope not me, awnha no way never.

    I hope it helps you with your brisket for we always want someone to smoke the best meat that they can.
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    My take: (Sorry I'm at work so I dont have any recipes on hand to relay.)

    Marinade or Inject? Either or. A Dr Pepper Marinade works, or various injections can be found. Depends on what prep work you want to do. I would honestly try nothing first.

    Mop every hour? Not every hour. Dont touch the bbq until you have to (see below)

    1.5 hour per pound? Maybe. Its done when its done. If you are worried about time, leave more time at the end of the cook to hold the meat in foil / cooler, rather than run late.

    Fat up or down? Yes (see below). Try starting with fat side down.

    Rub recipes? Again, various ones, but even something as simple as SnP or Montreal steak spice will do!

    Flip the meat half way through?

    Depends on the smoker you use. If you are using the Outlaw, Flip and Rotate in relation to the side fire box. Why flip and rotate? You need to experiment, but you can end up with a more even cook throughout the meat. Try flipping / rotating after say 4.5 hours, then 2 more hours, then every hour or so. If you foil then foil fat side down, so your bark on the meat side doesnt get soft. 

    Mop when you open the BBQ.
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    Marinade or Inject? - Not for your first attempt

    Mop every hour? - Wait until it gets a good bark formed or you'll literally mop off any rub you may put on there.  Even if you don't put a rub on, wait until a good bark forms.

    1.5 hour per pound? - Yeah this is based on the temp of the smoker though, not the cut of meat.  Go by temp.  Remember you can always wrap in foil and then put it in a cooler if it gets done earlier.

    Fat up or down? - Untrimmed, I'd put the fat side up but honestly I've done both and have had good results.

    Rub recipes? - Salt and Pepper or Montreal Steak Seasoning - keep it simple

    Flip the meat half way through? - No need

    I would add that I put a pan below the brisket if I have room so I can collect the drippings.

    Keep your brisket simple and don't be intimidated by it.  Get a few simple ones down and then you can try rubs and marinades.

    Don't forget to take pictures!

    Folks think that pics are just to make everyone else drool (and they certainly are) but when in doubt, if I forget what I did on a certain smoke, I can look at my old posts and see.
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    I have done 2 briskets so far with great results (IMHO [​IMG]) here is what I did.

    No marinade, rub was paprika, granulated garlic, granulated onion, salt, pepper, cayanne powder, chili powder, cummin (small amount), and dry mustard. I put the rub on 8-6 hrs. before cook time.

    For cooking on my WSM I set it up for the minion method with a mix of hickory and a little bit of mesquite. Once the smoker was running steady at 210-220° I put the brisket on with a large foil pan (turkey sizde) under it to catch the drippings (liquid gold). I cook fat side up, but I trim the fat to about 1/8 to 1/4" thick, and score it so the rub can get down to the meat.

    I have a probe in the meat and once it is on I leave it alone, no spritz, no peak, nothing. I let it run till it just comes out of the stall (usually around 170°). Then I take the foil pan dump a bottle of Killians Irish Red Ale in the bottom put the brisket in, cover with foil and let it go till it hits 190°.

    I pull the brisket out of the pan, seperate the point from the flat. Flat gets wrapped in foil and put into the cooler for 2 hrs., point gets cut into bigish cubes, tossed with some more rub, coated with BBQ sauce and put back into smoker for 2 hrs in an uncovered foil pan - burnt ends! aka "Man Candy". Now the drippings/beer mixture gets put in the freezer for 30 minutes or so till the fat hardens on top, remove fat, reheat the remaining liquid. If there isn't enough drippings left you can expand them with some beef broth - don't worry the drippings are very, very potent and flavorfull, so it won't taste watered down at all.

    Once the point is rested I slice it into 1/4" slices and pour the ajus over them. Serve yourself a plate of heaven on earth and smile!
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