my 1st brisker part 2

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  1. OK here are the pics of my First brisket from my first thread

     It went really well over all my temps we right in the 220-235 range the whole time. I put it in the smoker at 3:30 smoker temp was at 233. about 5 hours into the smoke it hit 165 after stalling for around 2 hours. I put it in a foil pan and covered it with foil back into the smoker for about an hour till it hit 190.

    I dint let it sit very long cause we wanted to eat and it smelled really good.

    The over all taste was great and had a nice smokey flavor to it, I was kind of disappointed in the tenderness though. I wasn't real tender and no were near fall apart.

    Meat: Brisket (flat) 4 lbs

    Rub: McCormick spices

    Smoker: GOSM

    Fuel: Propane

    Wood: mix of oak chunks and Jack Daniels oak chips

    Temp: 220-235

    Duration: 6 hours stalling at 150 for about 2 hours

    this at the 4 hour mark

    out of the smoker at 165 about to be foiled

    on the chopping block after a quick 30 min. rest.
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    Hmmmm---Looks GREAT!

    Not tender enough?---Maybe go to 195˚ next time, and a couple hours foiled, toweled, and in the cooler before slicing.

    I know----It smelled good & you were hungry

    LOL next time start earlier??---Probably just got home from work.
    Still looks perfect!

  3. ya i think next time it needs to cook in the foil longer and rest in a cooler fo atleast an hour.

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