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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by scottnumber2, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. scottnumber2

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    First, THANK YOU to all who have served our Country!
    I too had pulled three Tours in the AOR of SWA; The last being in Baghdad for six months.
    As for my question:
    A neighbor (ScottNumber1) and I used Cabelas' bologna premixed seasonings on sixty lbs of venison/pork mix. I followed the directions, smoked until 155 internal temp. After we cooled it properly and let it rest, we cut one open and found it to be mushy. It tasted okay but sure was mushy. Like dog food.
    I then waited a few days and had them sit in the fridge unwrapped- I cut one open and still mushy.
    Can I resmoke? cook in the oven or what can I do?[​IMG]
  2. ks smokepole

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    Scott, first thank YOU for serving our country - we wouldn't enjoy the freedoms we have the privilege of having without men and women who serve for the cause!

    Regarding your Bologna - shouldn't bologna be mushy? I think I know what you mean though. It may be the grinding you did. If you don't have a sharp grinding plate/blade combo, if you ground too fine, OR and this can happen from reading posts...if you grind when meat is not almost FROZEN. It seems that the meat will kinda "paste" on you if it isn't cold when you grind it. They say start with almost frozen meat, and in between grindings put in freezer for 30 minutes so that it doesn't get soft on you.

    Anyway, could be the reason, but others will chime in her as well!

    Thanks again for your sacrifice!

    KS Smoke Pole
  3. scottnumber2

    scottnumber2 Newbie

    Thanks. I guess I'm stuck with it. I'll just fry bigger pieces or make hash.
  4. crockadale

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    Are you sure your thermo was acurate, sounds under cooked?
  5. danmcg

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    I agree with what Crock said, I'd check you thermometers. Mushy sounds uncooked to me.
    I would think you could stick some in the oven at 180 and bring them up to 155 and see if it's any better.
    how many hours did you cook them for and what temp?
  6. scottnumber2

    scottnumber2 Newbie

    We checked the thermometers and pretty sure we are okay there. As for the temps, I believe it was cook at 140 for one hour, cook at 160 2 hrs with smoke on, then at 180 for two hours smoke on, then cook until internal temp reaches 155 degrees.

    We also smoked summer sausage and like last year it turned out great.


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