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  1. I have cooked many single shoulders but I have a party of 15-20 to cook for. Do I need to increase cook time and or temp for 2 butts. Also what is the best method for keeping the pulled pork warm until time to serve??
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    You don't need to increase your temp because of more meat. It'll stay warm (hot even) for a few hours placed into a dry cooler and filling the dead air space with towels. If you need to keep it hot longer, you could pull or slice and put it in a crock pot with some of the juices or finishing sauce. Or you could have it in a pan, covered with aluminum foil and kept in the oven.

    Good luck, take picts.

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    I finished smoking 2 butts friday and didn't eat till saturday. I opted to to this so I wouldn't have to get up at 2 in the morning and take a chance of not having food ready when the people got here. I popped them back in a roaster oven at 275 for about 2 hours before my guests got here. It tasted even better than when it came off the smoker. make sure you give it plenty of time to rest before you pull it. The juices seem to work their magic and its worth it. I bought 3 more butts today(.99 a lb) for smoking for my brother-in-laws birthday or for a mother's day dinner. I do know that when I do smoke this that I'll be in for a long night. I'm looking at about a 20-22 hour smoke I'm guessing. And I highly recommend paying the money for Jeff's Naked Rib Rub recipe cauz it is friggin awesome on Boston Butt. I smoked with Kingsford Charcoal and Mesquite chips.
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    I have had great success with butts on the XLG egg, two weeks ago I did 4 boston butts 13lbs each with Jeffs Rub. Put them on at 9pm and took them off at 1pm the next afternoon. Wrapped them in foil and an old bath towel and set them in an ice chest for 3hrs. The bone fell out and shredding was a breeze. Took them off with internal temps between 190 and 200. Jeff's pulled pork sandwich with homemade BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw is the absolute best. Of course I made way to much, but the left overs are always great!
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    I've done shoulders a few days ahead of time also for a large crowd. My advice is to smoke them when you have the time, let 'em rest, pull it and add the finishing sauce, then refrigerate. You can reheat in a crockpot, oven, stovetop, doesn't really matter. The finished product will be as good as the same day cooked. Done this many times.

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