Mule's MES 40 problem with a brisket

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by themule69, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. OK since it is always the good with no problem post I decided to post my problem. I put a packer brisket in the MES 40 yesterday for an overnight smoke. The normal setup I use with the MES 40 set to 225°-240° depending on when I want it done. This morning I got up and probed the brisket and it was 144°. I was expecting higher but oh well. A few hours later I went to check on it and it was still 144°. That is a strange stall point but oh well. Later when I looked It is 145°. I am thinking this is taking to long. Since I have a bad probe on my Maveric and have been using this MES long enough to have faith in it I am not monitoring the cabinet temp. I decided to use an instant read in the top vent. To my surprise  it was 167°. How can this be??? Then the bell went off in my head [​IMG]. I use a foil pan for a drip pan with briskets. I always have and it has never been a problem. However this time I used a larger drip pan that I normally use in my UDS. You guessed it the bottom of the MES was hot but the larger drip pan was keeping the heat blocked. I removed The larger drip pan and replaced with 3 smaller ones that I had on hand. I am now cooking at my set temp.

    Since it doesn't matter what time it gets done it is going to turn out fine. It is still in the MES so I will start a different thread to show the cook.

    Happy smoken.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and edumacating the rest of us! I'm always a fan of learning from other peoples experiences. Lookin' forward to the finished product pics [​IMG] - Ed
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    Great info.   

    Thanks    [​IMG]
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    Now that is going to be a low and slow brisket.  Looking forward to your brisket thread.
  5. I accidently did a very low temperature cook on a brisket once.  It had a very tender, cut with a spoon texture.
  6. mdboatbum

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    This may turn out to be the best one yet. Almost like sous vide, low temp and long enough to break it down without drying it out.
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    Hi David !!

    I had that happen to me on one of my Chicken Thighs Smokes, and I noted this on my Step by Step:

    **  I noticed during the smoke, my Maverick above the Thighs (left side) was averaging 160* to 210*, and the Maverick below the Thighs (right side) averaged 240*, then 260*, and then 290*. At first I thought it was either the upper probe being close to the cold meat, or the 2 Foil Pans on one rack was trapping the heat below them. Once the thighs got hot, I realized it was definitely the Pans trapping the heat. They take up nearly the whole depth & width of the Smoker. Normally the thighs would have been done by 5 PM, but they were only at about 142* IT at that time. When I removed the Taters, I moved one of the Foil Pans to the top position. This changed both of the Mavericks to the 270* to 285* range. The Thighs were all between 165* and 172* at 5:50 PM, and I removed them. They were still Awesome!!!



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