Mother's Day Chuckie

Discussion in 'Beef' started by macbillybob, May 9, 2010.

  1. Decided to try the Jalapeno Rub posted here the other day. Sorry I forgot the link. Rubbed her down (the Chuckie not Mom [​IMG]) and rested in the fridge overnight.

    Oak fire with one piece of Mesquite to start. Keeping the temp at 250-275.

    Up to about 135 in the next picture.
  2. rbranstner

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    Sweet looking rig.
  3. Thank you. I usually do large briskets on it but was looking for something a little quicker (and smaller) today. My Mom is not here and my wife is gone off on a girl's weekend so the only Mom around is my little friend Bunny and she is always pleased with anything I smoke.
  4. rdknb

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    smoke looks good, I like your rig too
  5. Very good. It had plenty of heat and spice. I will try to update a picture of the slicing.

    I experimented and used paper to wrap after the IT reached 165. Hard to tell if there was any difference. The paper held juices just like foil would. Overall the results could not have been much better. Edit....A little bit salty. I did rub it and let it set in the fridge overnight. Either would cut down on the salt or rub the day of the smoke? any comments are welcome.

    Total time from fire start to done was around 4 hours.

    This picture is after a chunk was cut for my neighbor (he says he would rather eat my mistakes than anyone elses successes)

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