more problems w/ my chargriller

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by grindstaff3, May 18, 2008.

  1. alright i have asked tons of questions and gotten great advice. i used a charcoal basket, put dryer duct from vent pipe and used a diffuser coming from the fire box and my heat was about 220 for 4 hours or so then when the shade hit (outside temp 75*) i couldn't get it to go past 150. i was dumping charcoal and had vents all the way open and nothing. any ideas?? i did notice when my wood would smoke i saw it really come out of where the door meets the bottom and also the pull out door on the side of the firebox, but my heat was fine for a while. it never would go past 220 though the whole time.
  2. rivet

    rivet Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    If your heat stabilizes too low and you want it higher, you must give your fire more oxygen to burn hotter. Hence, open the firebox door and allow more air to enter the combustion chamber. The fact that you saw wood smoke curling out of the firebox door when that smoke should have been caressing your meat, is an indicator that the draft is not enough, meaning there is not enought "air draft" pulling fresh oxygen from outside your firebox, into your fire, and out through your smoker and chimney.

    Do not be afraid to open your firebox door and let gobs of air in if you are burning low, and in the same vein do not be afraid of opening your smoker lid if the temps get too hot so you can let things cool off for a moment. Take control of your smoker. Do not let it control you.
  3. I agree. It was weird yesterday, no wind blowing in the Ozarks ... it was freaky. I've never smoked in calm weather.
    Like Rivet said, you'll need to work the doors. I accidentally left mine open too long, and temp got up to 400 ... but opened up pit and cooled it back down.
  4. richtee

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    Fire like woman... Ugh. Must feed and pay attention. Ugh.
  5. watermelonslim

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    If you're using the thermometer that came on the chargriller lid, forget it...

    That thermometer is junk. Walmart has a wireless digital thermometer for $15- get that one instead.

    I have 2 cheapo digital thermometers- 1 from Lowe's for $20 (not wireless) and the Walmart wireless $15 thermometer. Both of them show around 75 to 100 degrees different from that crappy one on the grill lid.

    When I first got my grill, before I had the digital thermometers, the stupid lid thermometer would only go to 125. I had such a hot fire I could smell the paint on the firebox burning, and it was blistering- but the lid thermometer still only read 125.
  6. bhille42

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    I think Rivet and Ritchee nailed it right on the head. I've been running a SnP w/mods for a couple years and on rare occasions for no aparent reason that thing gets an attitude. You've just got to give it an attitude adjustment!
  7. teeotee

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    I'm guessing that your fire may of got choked out by ash build up. Try a charcoal basket and raise it up from the ash pan so you can pull that out without bothering the coals.

    And as dawg said ..... the stock therm is a p.o.s. Defintiely get a new therm or two. Learn from the smoke and keep trying.
  8. crewcab4x4

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    I agree with teeotee. After 4 hrs. your ash could've gotten to high and chocked the air off. I put expanded metal in mine and raised it up high enough I can pull the ash drawer out and empty it without removing the rack that hold the charcoal.

  9. wow, i didn't know that opening the firebox door was something i could do. i thought that would just let all the heat and smoke escape from there before it even got a chance to enter the smoke box. i figured i needed to get some fire rope and seal off my whole grill and firebox. does the temp really rise when i open the firebox door?? also i found a therm at wal mart similar to the one in the grill. should i drill a new hole and mount it or just use a digital w/ a potato?
  10. watermelonslim

    watermelonslim Meat Mopper

    I use a digital in a wood block. It's a wireless one and it was only $15 at Walmart.

    I just cut off abiout a 3 inch piece of 2x4, drilled a hole thru it, and I stick my probe in it and sit it on the grill.
  11. snowsmoker

    snowsmoker Fire Starter

    How can I get my ash out and not mess up my coals and still keep my temp up?? I have been burning my coals on a rack I elevated but the ash still builds up and I have no wat to get it out.

    Also is there a slang term or an abbreviated name for my smoker like the ecb witch i think stands for "el cheapo brinkman"
  12. Are you burning lump? It produces less ash. I just made my own removable ash pan that I slide out from underneath the elevated rack and that seems to work good enough. Eventually I will make a coal box.
  13. snowsmoker

    snowsmoker Fire Starter

    Im not burning lump, I just started learing about it. I have to find a place to buy it and if I can I plan to use it the next time I bbq.

    So do you just let the ash build up till the end of your smoke?

    Im working on gettin my coals up alittle higher in the box so the ash cant smother the coals
  14. try lowes for the lump charcoal. 20 lb bag $6.97 I think
  15. acarbone624

    acarbone624 Fire Starter

    Walmart has Royal Oak Lump for $5.97
  16. watermelonslim

    watermelonslim Meat Mopper

    If you can find it. The Walmart closest to me has been sold out for about a week...
  17. snowsmoker

    snowsmoker Fire Starter

    The Ace Hardware by my house has 2 differant types of lump coal so I got a 20lb bag of Big Green Egg lump coal
  18. capt dan

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    You'll notice about a 50-60 percent reduction in ash now!
  19. acarbone624

    acarbone624 Fire Starter

    I use Royal Oak Lump. I get way too much ash from any briquettes.

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