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    I decided to make another batch of kielbasa using a slightly different version from ones I've done in the past. This recipe uses the same traditional spices (salt, sugar, pepper, garlic & marjoram), but the process is a bit different.

    The usual list for kielbasa:


    Starts with cubed lean ground beef and lean pork (40/60 ratio, beef to pork). The cure is added as well the salt and sugar. This gets sealed in an air-tight container for three days in the fridge. I also took some good pork fat (20% of total weight) and applied the same ingredients and process.

    Three days later, we're ready to make sausage:


    Since I'm using two different meats in this sausage, a binder (actually 2) are used here: NFDM & SPC:


    Unlike the finer grinds I've used in other kielbasas, this version calls for a coarse grind. Using a 7mm plate here; after the lean, comes the fat...


    Poured all the ingredients (spices & binders) into 8oz of cold water and hand-mixed into the meat until a sticky meat paste was formed. I still had some 38-42mm natural casings on hand, so I used those. For this six-pound batch, my son & I used the stuffer attachment on my grinder. Made quick work of it....


    To clear the balance of the meat still in the stuffer, I fed 2 slices of bread into the grinder. This cleared the auger and plate of any leftover meat. With these last 'bits' of meat, I made some polish meatballs—"Klopsiki"...very tasty!


    Into the refrigerator overnight. Tomorrow they go to the smoker...


    ...where they'll be joined by a boat-load of brined pork loin (now hang-drying) which I've had in brine for 7 days.

    Soon to become Canadian Bacon. :D 


    NEXT DAY: I loaded all the kielbasa & pork loin into my masterbuilt and set the temp to approx 110-120° and let them hang dry for about an hour or so. Then I applied hickory smoke for the next 3-4 hours—pretty heavy at times.

    After one hour of smoke:


    I raised the temp gradually to approx 140-150° but kept light smoke going. I knew the pork loin was gong to take much longer than the kielbasa.

    After 3 hours of smoke. Picking up that good 'red' hickory color:


    I pulled the kielbasa after 4-5 hours and plunged them into a hot (165°) water bath.

    The IT of the kielbasa going in was 132° so in about 25 minutes, the kielbasa were ready to pull.

    Dry & bloom after a quick cool down in icewater:


    The canadian bacon took quite a bit longer (about 4 more hours). Then I pulled them at 154° & showered them in cold water to cool, then hang dry:


     I'm going to wrap the bacon & let them rest in the fridge a few days before slicing, letting the flavors 'mellow' a bit and get them well-chilled. 

    I've a new 'toy' coming later this week that'll come in handy for the slicing job:


    The cook HAD to sample some bacon before I wrap these up:


    The kielbasa turned out pretty darned good. My wife (who is Polish) said my father-in-law would be quite pleased with the results. Since he's always been my 'gold-standard' for kielbasa, I'm happy with the way they came out.  :D 


    Thanks for lookin!

    — Kevin
  2. Both look really good and that is a different approach to the kielbasa! Any chance of sharing the kielbasa recipe? 
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    Looks like it all turn out great !
  4. Those look good!
  5. Looks great. We could probably figure out the recipe if we knew the exact size of those bowls. [​IMG]
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    Looks great as usual, Kevin!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Damn fine work!...Looks like it should be in a Magazine...JJ
  8. yet again another fantastic looking batch of sausage, and the perfect q-view to go with them

    great job

    love the mustard seed in kielbassa
  9. Absolutely FANTABULOUS!!! Thank you for taking the time to post your detailed presentation. One day, I hope to achieve a fraction of what you have done here. It's posts like these that keep me motivated.
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    Looks amazing, would love the recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing!
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    Looks great Kevin

    I have some netting somewhere [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the nice comments!

    Here's the KIELBASA recipe I used.

    3 lbs. LEAN Pork shoulder

    2 lbs. LEAN Beef Chuck

    1.25lbs Pork Fat 

    Salt  (36.0 g) 

    Sugar (31.0 g) 

    Mustard seed (15.0 g) 

    1.25 tsp.  Cure #1  

    Pepper, white (6.0 g)

    Garlic powder  (6.0 g)

    Marjoram dry  (3.5 g)

    Nonfat Dry Milk (65 g)

    Soy Protein Concentrate (40g) 

    Ice water (8 oz)

    38 mm hog casings  

    1. Cut the pork shoulder and beef into 1-inch cubes. Cube fat & keep seperate.

    2. Mix the meat cubes with salt, cure and sugar.  

    3. Pack the meat tightly into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  

    4. Refrigerate at about 39°F for 3 days to allow the meat to cure. 

    5. Grind the welll-chilled meat through a medium plate. Grind the near-frozen fat through coarse plate

    6. Combine SPC and NFDM with the ice water; mix well. Add to meat, the pork fat, and remaining dry ingredients; blend to uniform mix. Mix until the paste is very sticky. 

    7. Stuff into 38 mm hog casings; hang at room temperature until the casing are completely dry to the touch (or 30 minutes or so in a preheated 100° smoker)

    8. Apply a light smoke for 30 minutes then raise the temperature to about 120°F and apply a heavy smoke for 90 minutes.   

    9. Raise the temperature to 180°F and hold there until the sausage reaches 155°F or pull the sausages after the smoke & poach in water bath (165°) until 155° temp is reached.

    10. Chill by immersing into ice water. 

    11. Hang dry. Refrigerate.
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    Great lookin batch of CB and kielbasa! Nice photography as well.
  15. Oh you are wonderful!!!! Thank you so very much! I've been wanting to try kielbasa and now I'm going to go with your recipe!!!!! Just copied it to OneNote pics and all! 
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    Looks great, one day i will get into sausage making,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Very nice. I love making kielbasa and other sausages. Just tried an old world one that was a coarse ground like this. Very good and I like the texture. I will try this one soon to compare the two.
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    looks and sounds great!
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    Man they look great
  20. Thanks for the recipe, New 5lb LEM was delivered yesterday and I see these in my future.

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