More Brisket Questions... wood, temp, tin, etc.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tender loins, May 1, 2010.

  1. Thanks everyone who has contributed in the past on my questions! This will be my 2nd brisket. It's almost 9 lbs.

    I have used a Chiavetta's Marinade as well as my favorite marinade for ALL meats--soy sauce. I trimmed a little of the fat cap but still have about 1/2 to 5/8" fat on the top. It's a packer brisket with flat & point.

    I used the 48-tooth Jaccard type tenderizer tool especially on the fat side, all over and in different directions. For the rub I used a multitude of homegrown peppers including NuMex Joe E. Parker, NuMex Eclipse, Chichimeca (giant jalapeno), Yellow Peru, Pasilla Bajio, etc, all smoked and then ground with a coffee bean grinder. I also used a homemade garlic powder with about a dozn different varieties. Also in the rub was smoked Hungarian paprika, Cumin, Oregano, black pepper, brown sugar, etc.

    A week or so ago, I did my first brisket by starting it at midnite and removing it around 10am when temps were around 180-190. I did it right in a tin tray instead of over a tin tray. I would like any comments on this: in the tin tray vs over a tin tray. I thought it was great but put it back in the smoker on a rack OVER the tin tray to get the bottom to bark up a little more. I never foiled it at all using this method.

    I have found a different brand of wood chunks at Walmart this week and they are large chunks, something I've never used yet. I have many varieties of wood in chip size including mesquite so I bought the chunks in hickory. They had hickory or mesquite, the big bag was under $5.

    I don't know how well they will work in an MES with electric. How many chunks should I use in the MES? Many appear to be odd shapes & sizes from 2 x 2'' to 3 x 1'' or so. I've never used chunks before, just chips, and seeing I may do a set-it-and-forget-it around 2am, I would like the smoke to last until 9am+ if possible. How well & long do larger chunks burn in electric smokers like the MES?

    Things seemed to have gotten done last time in under 10 hours at 220-225. This brisket is a little smaller than the last one. Do I try to lower the temp to maybe 210-215 and go with longer times? I'm trying not to oversleep the brisket's done point. Will the smoke last?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Anyone????
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    I think in the tray would make it more tender, although, you would lose out on bark. I turned & flipped my first brisk & got a decent bark but because I did not use a lot of rub. My next one, I am going to rub it down well, let it rest overnight, then rub again in the morning. Having the tray underneath the whole smoke yielded me the "Au Jus" which after refridgerating & scaping off the fat, was most delicious & aided in re-heats. I hope this helps a little.
  4. Thanks Caveman!

    That's how I did it last time, fat up and worry free. I may even put some of the fat I removed into the bottom of the tin, or on the rack under the brisket if I put it above a tin. So many ways, so little time & chances to try them all!

    I'm also making Dutch's Wicked Beans and now must decide if the beans get the drippings or if they will go above the brisket...
  5. i have a really hard time with brisket as well..
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    Newbie on this board.

    Just received my Lang 60 after using a small charbroil offset smoker for years. I've got a big party to do and would like to have both butt and brisket. The brisket takes about 6 hours longer than the butt. Has anyone tried putting the dry rub on brisket and roasting in the oven for the 1st 6 hours, a day ahead of time? This way I could put everything in the Lang the day of the party and be done in about 6 hours.

    Thanks for any help

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