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  1. I'm looking for a new grill to go with my new smoker I will by soon. Just want some input because I've never used propane but want a gas grill for the ease, large size, rotisserie, and sear capability. I like to cook for larger groups 10+ on average and the sear ability for a brisket prior to a smoke seems like a good idea on this vise my stove. I would like your input on a few I found today, or an other good options for under $300


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    Your post is confusing. Big Party before posting? [​IMG][​IMG]" Seat ability for a Brisket "?   "On this vise my drove. I would his fluke your input on a few I found today"??? [​IMG]    [​IMG]

    I'll give this a shot...[​IMG]... I have done some research and found that with big Gas Grills under a Grand +, you will be at a minimum, replacing the Burners every year and most likely be replacing the whole damn thing every 2-3 years. That said, any of the units you showed will get the job done, for a couple of seasons. It is my understanding to stay away from grills that use Only Infrared Burners as they get glogged easily with grease and BBQ sauce and either won't light or burn inefficiently. A single, off to one side, Sear Infrared Burner is supposed to be nice and a Back mounted Infrared Burner for a Rotisserie is nice as well. Propane grills are no fuss but the flavor of wood/charcoal is not there. Toss a foil pouch of Chips,with a few holes in it, in the "V" between burners or leaning against a side burner. This will add some smoke flavor, Oak is a good choice or You Texas Folk might like Mesquite better. Good luck...JJ
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  3. Thanks for all of the input. The grill that's on sale at home depot has a little box i can add chips or charcoal to in order to add some smoke flavor
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    Sounds good. Enjoy your new toy!...JJ

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