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  1. imjesse1

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    Where is the money muscle and how/when do I remove it for slicing?
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    When you buy a two pack of butts, the money muscle is usually positioned away from each other in the packaging. If you are looking at a single butt, there are three sides that are cut, and one side with a rounded edge. On that edge are chevron shaped striations. That edge is the money muscle. The money muscle usually gets done before the rest of the butt. If you are doing pulled pork, you can just leave it attached until the other portions are done and then pull it all at the same time.

    If you are trying to do slices with the money muscle, remove it from the butt when it hits 194F, and put the remainder back on until it gets done.  Then you can slice it into pieces that are about an inch thick when you are ready to serve.

    Is this question geared toward backyard cooking or are you doing competition?
  3. imjesse1

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    I'll be doing a competition in June (first one)
    I make a lot of pulled pork but never messed with the money muscle. I make 5-6 shoulders a weekend and just sell all the pulled pork , I do it because I like to and want practice so now I want to start Experimenting with that part of the pork

    Can I cook the money muscle separate?
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    Also I pull at IT 190
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    If it is a KCBS sanctioned competition, each piece of pork should you cook must be at least 5 lbs raw.  So, no you probably won't be able to find a 5 lb money muscle.  I started comp cooking in 2010 and can tell you about all the mistakes I have made, so you won't feel the need to go start your own list.  I am not familiar with MBN sanctioned contests.

  7. Can you leave the money muscle attached to the butt. And remove for turn in

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