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Discussion in 'Fish' started by rabbithutch, May 7, 2013.

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    My bride of 52 years - when pushed to state a preference for Mother's Day dinner - said that she would prefer to stay home than to dine out. Of course, that means that I have to smoke or grill or both. I asked her what to smoke and she said "Salmon!"

    OK, I've done salmon before, but it was really just a trial run while learning and I wasn't too impressed with it. It was fish I bought at Sam's; so that might have influenced it. I'm thinking that I'm going to spring for some "wild caught" salmon at the local HEB (TX supermarket chain). If that is an unwise choice, please tell me. This will be a dinner for us, and our daughter and SIL, who just completed nursing school (daughter has another year).

    I've been searching and reading about salmon here for the last hour or so. BearCarver's opus on doing salmon seems to be a big favorite but it means buying and prepping on Thursday, smoking of Friday and waiting for Sunday dinner. I don't mind the effort but I don't want to screw it up either; so if you have suggestions please chime in.

    I'm thinking that I'll probably get a tuna steak and some gulf shrimp, too. Those I will grill in the Weber kettle come Sunday. Heck! I might as well do some ABT's too since I'll be bacon wrapping the shrimp. I'm thinking about 2 salmon steaks and a couple of pounds of shrimp and maple smoked bacon. Does that sound about right? I don't want to run short and don't mind sending left-overs home with SIL.

    I'm not much good at sauces and doing sides. Most of what I do is simple stuff . . . smoked potatoes, slaw . . . that sort of thing. If you have suggestions for sides, I'd like to hear them, too.

    Sooooooo . . . if you have wise counsel or even warnings about what not to do, I'd love to hear from you. I've got about 48 - 72 hours before committing to a menu and cook plan.

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    RH, evening..... When in Hawaii, we caught a skipjack tuna...   Guide said, marinate in Teriyaki Sauce overnight..... steaks were 3/4" thick.... the meat turned from burgundy to white when cooked.... grill until white is almost to the middle, flip until there is still a burgundy strip in the middle.... about 1/8" thick.....  It was awesome....   Can't remember which Teri sauce but Bride thinks it was something on this order....   Dave

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    Thanks, Dave!

    I've got to replace the Kikkoman soy so I'll look for the Teriyaki glaze too.
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    Yummmm.....I keep wanting to smoke salmon and shrimp too.  You have got to show q-views!

  8. I did a Yoshida's and Ginger Marinated Salmon a couple time on the MES....awesome!
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    I'm in for Yoshidas rather than Kikkomans......big jug at Costco for what? 6 bucks.....great on other stuff also
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    Yes for Yoshida's.  I do a simple 2/3 dark brown sugar with 1/3 non iodized salt mixture. Mix it well with the salmon pieces in your container.  Then top it off with some Yoshida.  Cover and brine in the refer for 6+ hours depending on size of fish pieces, stirring every 2 hours.
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    I bought all the stuff yesterday and started to get organized today. I'm going to try AKhap's approach to the "wild caught" salmon I got. There is no doubt that it has been frozen but it now thawed and waiting whatever I'm gonna do to it.

    BUT . . . I don't quite understand AKhap's directions. I get the brine recipe and the cooling and the brining (for EXACTLY 90 minutes) but he lost me with the instructions for forming the pellicle. I've read and re-read his posts, but I don't know how long he lets the brined, rinsed, dryed fish sit. Also, does he let it sit on the counter at room temperature or does he put it in the reefer (uncovered) overnight? Seems to me that this is critical information and I don't know how to do this. When will I know that the pellicle has formed? Will it be OK to smoke it tomorrow then put it in the reefer to await Sunday's dinner?

    I really need help with this one, guys. My 'smoker' creds are on the line here.

  12. bearcarver

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    Since it's AKhap's directions, he should be the one who answers your questions. Did you try PM'ing him?

    I'm sure he'll be glad to help.

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    Thanks, Bear! I forget about PM too often!
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    He says to put a fan on it and thats what I did..several hours til the pellicle was quite visible...look at my pics...
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    Here's what we do in the NW...

    Stay away from the farmed Atlantic mush. At minimum get the Steelhead, and the Copper River will be out next week.

    This article is from the WSU extension, have used it many times is without flaw if you want to learn the basics for smoking fish.
  17. I've been grilling salmon for many years and discovered the best recipe by accident when we were visiting in California.  We only had Costco's Sweet Mesquite seasoning on hand (great for Tri Tip) so I gave it a try.  First though I picked a tangerine off a tree and squeezed the juice all over the salmon to marinate in.  After about an hour I brushed olive oil on then sprinkled the seasoning on.  When I turned the salmon over to cook the opposite side I squeezed some more tangerine juice on the cooked side.  The sweet mesquite seasoning gave it a smoke flavor and the tangerine juice gave it a teriyaki flavor and the two together were fantastic.  Since coming home to Texas I've tried different citric juices but fresh squeezed tangerine is the best.  Good Luck!
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    So I'm guessing that you fanned it in the open, outside the refrigerator?
  19. fpnmf

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      On the baking grates on a crate in the living room.

     Stayed in the fridge the night before..didnt pellicalize so under the box fan it went...

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    When all else fails, put it in the smoker at about 130-140, without smoke, for an hour or two.

    That should get a pellicle going.


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