Mollejas, grilled sweetbreads

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  1. On a recent fly fishing trip with friends from southern Texas, one of the gents brought mollejas to grill.  He dusted them with a S. TX popular rub and grilled them turning them a couple of times.  Aftern about five minutes a side, he wrapped them in foil and set them on the coolest area of the grill for 15 minutes to rest.  The grilled sweetbreads were great!  Sorry, didn't get a photo of them done as they went as fast as we could eat them.

    Mollejas ready for duty on the grill.

  2. It sounds tasty!

    Happy smoken.

  3. I love sweetbreads, I've got some in the freezer.......after reading this thread I got an idea to brine and smoke them. I'll bet it'll work. Thanks for the inspiration.[​IMG]
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    mmmmmmm  sweetbreads....i like mine breaded and fried....although i'm intrigued by the idea of brining with some cure #1, cold smoking then grilling......i'm getting in my truck right now to go to my local processor...they've always got em!
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    How did that turn out?

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