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    I fired up the WSM for the first time about 2.5 months ago and had no issues after it sitting for most of the winter. After that smoke, it sat for about 3 weeks and when I went to use it, the grates and the water bowl both had a little mold starting to grow. I figured I didn't clean it up well enough after the last smoke. So after that one, I thoroughly cleaned and dried everything before covering it up. Then just this past weekend, mold again and more of it so had to clean it up again before I used. So my questions:

    Has anyone else had this issue? I did not at all last year (first year I had it).

    Would using sand instead of water help with the mold problem?

    Should I leave the vents open and not use the cover to help it to air out more?

    Any info or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Although you wrote this back in May (and may have already solved the problem) thought I'd mention I've not ever had that problem, and we're here in the humid Southeast.  I don't cover my WSM - just store it with the lid on our covered patio with all vents closed. I use a small pan covered with aluminum foil to catch drippings of whatever I'm cooking (I never use water) and always let the coals burn down with all of the vents wide open at the end of every smoke.  Next day I just throw out the foil and dump the coal ashes and its ready to go for next time. Have you tried without water a few times to see if it makes a difference?

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