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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by abomb, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to share some mods that I had done yesterday (12-12-09) to my hand-me-down ECB. I still have some mods to do: 1.) Switch the legs to the outside of the smoker and place some pavestones under the firebowl. 2.) I am looking for some type of expanded metal to put into the firebowl to raise the coals off the bottom of the firebowl. If I cannot find the expanded metal I am going to take a grate I have from a smaller grill and cut it to size with a plasma cutter. 3.) I would like to go ahead and repaint this so it will get a facelift. Below are some pics of my process on the ECB.

    I am going to smoke for the first time today. I am going to do a picnic size pork shoulder. I will post throughout the day.

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    Wonder where ABOMB is? Getting late in the day... surely he's not still rubbing sticks together trying for a fire. [​IMG]

    Maybe we'll hear from him soon.
  3. What was the effect of drilling the 4 holes in the top of the smoker?

    I just modified my ecb fire bowl and added a better temp gauge and am considering the top holes.

    Trying to upload a picture and am having a problem reducing the size enough to get it on the forum.
  4. The holes on top are there to keep good clean smoke rollin through the smoker. You don't want to get stale smoke trapped inside your lid. If you do more holes than I did, I would recommend grouping them together more and putting a baffle over it. I did my first smoke yesterday and it went great on my setup. Regulated the temp very well. Check out the pics.
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    looks like it worked out good for ya..........
  6. Looks good, I like the video's.
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    Hey, Yeah... I missed the videos on the first pass. Neato!

    That little ECB is smoking like a freight train... Whoot Whoooooot!! [​IMG]

    Once you get the hang of controlling your temps and such you'll want to discover the finer art of TBS. I did the same thing when I started. I think there are some photos around somewhere where I had a wheelbarrow full of wood and my pit was, chugga chugga... chugga chugga... pumping it out. I though that was the way, but I learned.
  8. Interesting mods. Looks good. Where do I find the basic mods that most folks do? I just got one of these ECB's for my older son, he keeps hinting that he wants my current smoker when I move up, so he needs to start learning somewhere for now.
  9. The link below is where I got my concept and just went my own direction with it. My ECB held temp really well. I would recommend wrapping your wood in foil. These ECB's can get really smokey if your not careful.

    Good Luck!
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