Mod. to my Brinkmann?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jbraas, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Well, it has been awhile since I last came in here. A combination of time and some first time smoking frustration kept me away for a little while.

    I had some good BBQ at a picnic last week, and it really has me ready to get smoking again (now to just work out the time...)

    I have a rectangular vertical Brinkmann smoker with 2 doors on the front. I have had a little trouble finding it on the net specifically.

    I believe last time (and from some advice recieved here) I may have had an ash problem, snuffing out my coals. I was thinking of just trying to drill holes in the pan and placing a foil pan on the floor underneath, allowing ash to fall through. Any thought for or against, or recomendations? I had thought of using a baking cooling rack, but the coal pan is a little small in diameter for this.

    Also, I just saw some posts about placing bricks in the smoker, maybe I shoudl add a few of these?

  2. 1894

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  3. vlap

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    Look for my reply in the thread. I have the two door model as well. This tray used the existing rails with only slight modifications to the tray itself. I think you can pick this up for under $10.

    I think I bought my charcoal pan at Lowe's but they are available at HomeDepot and WalMart as well. Even saw one in a grocery store on sale for $6.99 not too long ago.

    You can follow the link in my sig as well to see what other mods I made to it. I tinkered with it today and will post pics later.
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    Proper air circulation can be a problem any time you use wood or charcoal. You'll find ash can choke off the air real quick, so keep air coming in from around/sides and if possible near the bottom of the fuel of the container.
  6. jbraas

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    Thanks for the quick replies everyone. 1894 - yes that is the one. Should have thought to post a link - doh!

    I will check out the links to those modifications you others posted as well. Thanks!
  7. vlap

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    One other thing with your smoker.(its the same one I have) Try sand in the water pan instead of water. This will make it easier to hit higher temps.
  8. tn_bbq

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    Anything you can do to create an air pocket under your coals should help. Some folks drill holes. Some insert metal grates. Some folks build their own.

    You might want to see if your local store(s) have any grates that might fit.

    I also thought the water pan was larger than the coal pan and the charcoal grate for one of the Weber grills fit nicely into the water pan of a Brinkmann. At the very least you might be able to us an old grate and a hacksaw.
  9. jbraas

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    Thanks for the continued feedback. We do have an older one of those "grill woks." I think it maybe sacrificed to the smoke gods, and will be my new charcoal pan. Next time we need one for the grill, I will get a new one there. It is a start and I had it here already.

    The handles on mine were not like those in the pics above. They actually were a sort of loop of metak sticking straight up. I bent them over with pliers and viola, it fits in the rack slidign in and out.

    Now I keep looking around the house thinking hmmmm, how might that be used when smoking...[​IMG]

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